West Facing House Plans For 30×40 Site As Per Vastu

West Facing House Plans For 30×40 Site As Per Vastu

This house plan has been made according to Vastu, as you can see this is a west facing house plans for 30×40 site as per Vastu, so it is very good to keep the main door of the house in this direction, positive energy comes from this direction, according to Vastu Shastra, the most in this direction. More windows and doors should be kept. All these are heard and heard, our website does not make any claim of all these things.

After Vastu Shastra, now we see about the design of the house. Nowadays you will get to see the parking area in everyone’s house and at most people’s houses you will see that the stairs are also kept from the parking area, the only advantage of doing this is that you get as much space inside the house.

The same has been done in this plan, its parking area is quite large and there is a street of the width of 3 feet on the side of the house, which can also be called a balcony, you can use this free space to plant trees. The size of the parking area is 15×14’4, from which there is also a staircase to go up. Ongoing inside the house comes the hall whose size is 25×11’4, this room has a TV unit where you can put a TV and the interior of this room has also been done very well.

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West Facing House Vastu Plan 30x40
West Facing House Vastu Plan 30×40


This is a 2BHK west-facing house plans for 30×40 site as per Vastu. The size of the first bedroom is 13’4×10, this room also has an attached bathroom, whose size is 4×8, in this room, you are getting a wardrobe and seating space has also been kept. After this room, let’s go to the second one whose size is 13’4×12’4.

This room has all that was in the previous room, only an attached bathroom is not provided in this room. After this, let’s move on to the kitchen, whose size is 11’8×8, the kitchen is large as well as modular, it also has a sink, and a wash area is also made adjacent to the kitchen, whose size is 11’4×4’4. It is very important to have a wash area in the house, its advantage is that you can do much of your work here.

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30×40 west facing house plans as per Vastu

So this space has two areas so you have an additional storage space here or it can be an additional nap area if you have a driver and on this side you have the meat’s room so in terms of the ceiling height it’s not that high of course but as long as your family staff isn’t over six feet they won’t hit their heads and it’s spacious enough here as well and it has its own bathroom. Let’s head back up it’s also well ventilated with large windows and it overlooks your parking space. So you can really appreciate that every area in the house is well-planned let’s now take a look at the second level where you have four rooms. The stairs are easy to climb they’re well spaced and in terms of height they’re very manageable coming up here you have a large window beside the staircase so it illuminates the entire second level family area one of the main concepts of this house is having a very easy to maintain home and that includes having spaces that are easy to clean and very easy to repair that’s why this entire space instead of having a cathedral speed ceiling space for the house they instead opted to make this a family area so this is a central hub giving access to the four bedrooms so you can just imagine having family over downstairs and having friends over up here or vice versa so there’s plenty of space for you no matter how many family members you have that are entertaining guests so from here.

West facing duplex house plans 30×40 as per Vastu

let’s take a quick look at the master bedroom one of the unique features of the master bedroom is upon entering you have what appears to be a secret door but once you open it up it’s revealed to be a walk-in closet space it already has an open design plenty of storage space here and you can have all your suits here and additional toiletries and other items on this side you can even make this a dresser space if you want to have a big mirror on this side so this is built to be a walk-in closet for him while the hearse walk-in closet is on the other side let’s go so here you can really appreciate the size of the room you have a first walk-in closet and then you see that on this side it’s a corner room facing the east side of the property so morning sun comes in here and you have a fantastic view of your garden area so imagine just waking up and looking out at your spacious garden and on the other side let’s now take a look at your walk-in closet space so this area is large enough to accommodate even a bench here in the middle so that it’s easy to change shoes and you have an easy to open sliding door here for storage for both sides so we still have the wrapping for the mirrors so that we make sure that it’s in pristine condition once it’s turned over to you and on this other side you have your bath space you have your toilet sink and a tempered glass shower.

Enclosure now let’s go so imagine you have two walk-in closet spaces for your master bedroom and now from here let’s take a look at your third jet room so, this is positioned right beside the master bedroom so this is excellent if you have a young child or a nursery area that you don’t want to be far from the master bedroom this is an excellent space and once again you have the almost entire wall is a large mirror which also serves as the doors for your drawer and storage space and if you open this up you see that this area can serve as an area for your television set so that’s why you already have a provision here and you already have plugs on this side and on the other side this is where you can have your bed and in terms of how well it lit it is you see that this is a room which is in the middle of the house so it doesn’t get direct sunlight from either side either in the morning or in the afternoon but it still has really nice natural lighting and it has its own bathroom here. So like I said we’re going to be installing. The mirrors within the next several days. So from here let’s take a look at the fourth and fifth bedrooms so this is a really conducive atmosphere for just bonding with your family no matter what happens outside in terms of the different lockdowns and the situations this can be your own private sanctuary and even so here you have your fourth bedroom it’s a corner room facing the front of the house and on the other side once again you have a mirrored wall with a sliding. A door with a sliding cabinet door gives you access to a television set area so this area is where you can have you can even make this your entertainment space or even a gaming area and there’s plenty of storage space up here and on the sides and it has its own bathroom.

West facing house Vastu plan with pooja room

So what’s nice to note is the bathrooms have windows so there’s not much problem in terms of ventilation, okay and now let’s take a look at the fifth bedroom. So once again the fifth bedroom is identical in size to the fourth bedroom and it’s also facing the front of the house and it’s also a corner room once again it’s very well it and if you take a look here you once again have the whole entertainment area set up so it’s really unique because if you close this off you will have a large mirror on one side of the room which basically multiplies the perception of size in the room making it look much larger, okay and from here if you look out you have a great view of the street area and just to note in terms of accessibility this house is very near Bhopal avenue and the major commercial areas here in homes here’s another note especially for a house of the size it’s very important that all the bedrooms here in the second floor have their own bathroom and that’s exactly what you get. Okay for the property features it has five bedrooms five bathrooms a four-vehicle carport a front porch a living and dining area and open kitchen a service and laundry area a patio area a spacious garden with a pool provision a second-floor family dense space a maid’s room two master walk-in closets an elevated ground level a water tank and all this near major commercial areas in homes Bhopal and Pune hope you enjoyed that quick property tour video of this brand new five bedroom modern house and lot for sale with a huge garden space here in homes Bhopal city if you want to know more about this property or visit it in person just click the description below where you can get in touch with us to our email and numbers showed there you can also send us a message to Instagram and Facebook.

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