30×40 House Plans East Facing

30×40 House Plans East Facing

This is a 2BHK ground floor plan. In this 30×40 house plans east facing plan, you can make it in whatever direction you want to make according to the direction of your plot, you can see how it should be built, or if your plot is in the colony then you have to make it accordingly. This is a house plan built in an area of 30×40 sqft. There is no parking area in this plan and the stairs are also built from inside the house.

The windows in all the rooms of this house plan have been kept very big. On entering inside the house, the hall whose size is 16’8×12′ comes first, through this room you can go to all the rooms of the house, first of all, go to the kitchen whose size is 10×8’4 in the kitchen. The wash area has also been created so that you do not have to move from here to there to wash the things that are easy to work, although you can also use the sink, sometimes some things are big which are difficult to wash in the sink, so the wash area.

30x40 House Plans East Facing
30×40 House Plans East Facing

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It is necessary to be The kitchen has a window of size 4×6 and is also fitted with an exhaust. On the side of the kitchen, there is a bedroom whose size is 13×13’4. In this room, you are getting 2 windows whose size is 3×4 and 3’4×4. On exit from this room comes the common washroom, whose size is 6’8×5’8, you can also put a washbasin outside it.

After this, we move on to the second bedroom whose size is 12’8×12’8. In this room, you are also getting attached bathroom and there is a window in this room which is very big, its size is 5’8×4′, in this room you have a wardrobe as well. After this, let’s go to the hall from where there is a staircase to go up. But under them, you can keep a lot of your stuff.

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Now welcome to your beautiful home. So when I first saw this house I was immediately struck by the clean and modern facade it also has a wide frontage of approximately 14 meters and now let’s head on in to explore upon entering the house you have a nice pocket garden on your right giving you nice greenery stretching to the side of the house. And on your left, you have a very spacious carport area for two vehicles. Even if you have two suvs or even large vans there’s no problem with the space because this is a very comfortable two carport space and you also have a high ceiling and a large entryway leading to your auxiliary space at the side of the house this door is a service entrance leading to the living space and on this side this is a really nice elevated garden area you can imagine having a table in a couple of chairs over here and potentially having a small tent and making making this a great recreational space for the family and if you look on this side you see that it stretches towards a spacious patio that you can access from your living area so this is an excellent recreational space for your family now let’s head on in towards the main entrance now welcome to your beautiful home the house is all light bright and white once you come in you even have these windows giving you a view of your carport area in another view of the entrance of the house and here you have your first bedroom this room serves as a family den that’s why you have this large window but if you’d like if you install blinds over here or curtains this can already serve as an additional bedroom because it comes with its own full toilet and bath. You also have a large window here giving you a view of your patio at the side of the house it already comes with a screen as well so you have protection but at the same time ventilation you also already have a provision for a split type air conditioning unit here and now let’s head on out towards your main living space. Your main living space has a high ceiling you also have these windows stretching nearly to the ceiling letting in so much more light the orientation of the house is the front of the house is facing the east side while the back is facing the west side so it’s quite cool in the mornings here in the living space and it’s quite cool in the afternoons in the front of the house but even if sunlight is coming in here the windows are slightly tinted so that still gives you protection, in addition, you have these large sliding doors giving you access to your outdoor patio space.

It’s so spacious and there’s so much room here for tables chairs a ping pong table or even an additional picnic and barbecue area stretching to the front of the house and now let’s head back in from your main living space it has an open-plan design leading to your dining area. Your dining space can easily fit a table for about six people if it goes like this and for this orientation, you can easily fit a table for six to ten people depending on the size of your family you also have once again the sliding doors here giving your dining area additional ventilation and space and now from your dining area let’s now head on over to your main kitchen so the kitchen is completely closed off from the living and dining which is ideal especially if you don’t like having your cooking reach the living and dining space especially if you do a lot of heavy cooking here so it depends because some families they prefer the open concept this is excellent for the families who want your whole kitchen section. Though. Your main kitchen is a really spacious area you can easily have a small table over here as an informal dining space you can have even a small television set over here and you have plenty of space in terms of where you can put your refrigerator you can have a refrigerator over here or you can place it on this side if it’s a smaller one or this is where you can have your range hood and top so that’s why you already have a provision here in addition that’s why you also have a plug here provision if you’re going to have arrangement here and you also have a large window so it’s very bright in the room and from here this is your electrical breakers and on this side you have a pantry room from the panty area let’s head on over to the side of the house where you have the main room the drivers room and the utility area so on this side you have a dirty kitchen space you have an additional wash area and on the other side you already have your maids room and your driver’s room and as well as a bathroom and a utility space okay and now let’s head on.

30 by 40 house plan with car parking

So a nice touch is having the large window for the door so that it adds to the feeling of the house being more open because you can easily see your guests coming in even if you’re in the kitchen from your main kitchen space we have access door here leading to your parking area and you can turn this space under the stairs into additional storage and now let’s head on up towards the second level where you have four bedrooms let’s go welcome to the second level of this home where you have a gorgeous ceiling design making the house feel much more elegant as you come up you also have a wide hallway over here which gives you access to do bedrooms at the front of the house so these are the east-facing bedrooms let’s begin with your master bedroom. As you can see it’s very spacious it has a rectangular shape it already comes with a screen you have a nice view of your garden space from your master bedroom and you can easily fit a large king queen or California sized bed here and still have enough space left over for additional storage a study area or even a small couch and here you have a provision for your split type air conditioning unit and here you have a spacious walk-in closet area and you have a sliding door leading your master bathroom. You already have a dual vanity sink space and you have this really clean barnyard door heading out to your walk-in closet space and now let’s take a look at your third fourth and fifth rooms. So before we do that let’s take a quick look here at a spacious balcony at the front of your house. So you see that it has a nice view of your parking space and your garden area.

30 by 40 house plan with car parking
30 by 40 house plan with car parking

And now let’s do it. So here’s your third bedroom. What’s unique about this room is it has its private balcony also which is even larger than the first balcony we took a look at the nice thing is it’s facing the front of the house and sunset is on the other side so it’s very cool here you can just imagine having a table in a couple of chairs and making this a nice nook for you now let’s head on in. The third bedroom also comes with its solo bathroom. So you already have a tempered glass shower enclosure and even a nice spot over here where you can put your toiletries and now let’s take a look at the west bedrooms on the other side of the house. This is a great vantage point for the second level you can see how spacious and well planned this space is and here we have your fourth bedroom oh wow. So the afternoon sun is in full effect you have high ceilings once again large windows and you also have a provision here for a split type organization unit so the fourth and fifth bedrooms have a shared bathroom which can be accessed through the hallway but they already have built-in cabinetry which doesn’t need handles because it just has a simple push mechanism making it very minimalist in terms of the look. Now let’s take a look at your fifth room. So before we head there here’s your shared bathroom for the last two rooms and here’s your fifth room. So the two rooms that we took a look at last, have a very similar layout once again with the large windows and plenty of space to have a large bed and a study table area and you once again have the very minimalist cabinetry with a rich brown wooden design with a push mechanism. So it looks so clean and that ends our quick tour of the property features it has five bedrooms four bathrooms a carport for two vehicles a front lawn a spacious patio an open living area a dining area the main kitchen a service area a mainstream a driver’s room and two separate balconies and all this with fast access to admire avenue commercial establishments and smcp.

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