25 by 50 house plans

25 by 50 house plans

Now welcome to your beautiful 25 by 50 house plans. Hi this is satyendra from 2d house plan and before we begin if you want quality home tours don’t forget to follow us on instagram facebook and subscribe to us here on youtube now welcome to our latest open house tour for a brand new five bedroom modern masterpiece of a house here in pune city center mall so right now we’re gonna throw you through this beautiful three level home but before we do that let’s take a quick look at this properties features beginning with the property size it has a spacious floor area of 1250 sqft across three levels and a generous lot area of 120 square meters for the specific home features it has five bedrooms a four car garage six bathrooms an open patio area a high living room ceiling a powder room a beautiful dining area a main kitchen in an auxilary kitchen special kaufmann stone marble countertops a spacious master bathroom a second floor balcony terrace a third floor shared balcony a third floor family hall and then a maid’s room a driver’s room and a service and laundry area and all this in a safe and secure community with fast access to major thoroughfares in pune city now let’s begin the tour upon viewing the property you can really see the bold and striking design of the archway over the main door leading all the way to the third level and once you enter to your right there’s a nice coffee know where you can have a table in a couple of chairs and on the left side you have a spacious four car garage from this angle you can really see that you can fit for a large suvs or vans in this garage it even has an accent wall and a wooden ceiling design giving it a very elegant feel upon entering your house and you also have your diverse room and diverse bathroom over here you also have an access door here leading to the main living space but let’s head over here.

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25 by 50 house design

Let’s now take a look at your main entrance let’s go so if this massive door is actually a solid mahogany door and it also comes with an automatic lock now welcome to your beautiful home the first impression i got upon entering the home is pure elegance you already have coke lighting here in your mean foyer an accent wall that’s excellent for having a large artwork that your guests can see upon entering the house and you even have the stone designed archway giving you the impression of entering your own private sanctuary as you go to your main grand living space the living space is massive and impressive with a high ceiling with a unique box design which diffuses the light softly throughout the entire room you have this massive accent wall which anchors the middle of the room and you can imagine having a large entertainment living room set over here and it flows naturally to an additional den and patio space over here your patio area opens up through these floor-to-ceiling windows and large ning your entertainment space for family gatherings and get-togethers so let me show you it’s differentiated by a different set of tiling but it’s also large format and extremely elegant and you can see that the windows extend all the way to the ceiling area over here in addition you also have this gorgeous display wall which is excellent for having pictures awards and other mementos so you can open up these doors and this mean folding sliding door so if you walk out here this effectively makes your entertainment stage larger so you can imagine you can even have some tables over here during parties and make this an alfresco extension if you were all the way back here we’re going to go already to the maid’s quarters and bathroom now let’s head back in so from your extended entertainment area let’s now take a look here at the first floor then that then has a very low-key and calming atmosphere because of the fog lighting around the room and the subtle led lighting it also comes with built-in custom cabinetry so it has automatic lights which turn on and off as you close it and over here you already have an area where you can have a large widescreen tv and even a dresser space so you can use this as a bedroom if you have a family member would like to stay on the first level and for additional ventilation and lighting we already have a sliding door here leading to the side of the house towards the entertainment space that we just took a look at from here we also can use this room as a guest room an additional family room a playroom or a music room and it also comes with its own private bathroom what you’ll notice with the design of the bathroom it already even comes with additional storage space in the bathroom and the collar tones are very elegant and really blend well together.

25 by 50 house plan
25 by 50 house plan

25 50 house plan east facing

Now let’s head back out to the living space here’s another great vantage point of the living space from here you can really see the stone archway leading to your main entrance and you can already see your second level where you have your master bedroom dining space and main kitchen now let’s go before we head up to the second level let’s take a quick look here at your powder the faucet in the powder room in itself is already actually a conversation piece because you can see that the faucet runs straight from the ceiling all the way down here and from here let me show you the unique winding staircase these are solid hacha wood planks so they’re very very unique in terms of their color tone the contrast is high but they look very sophisticated and beautifully blend with the rest of the architecture of the house now let’s head on up welcome to the second level of the house and this is another great perspective of your main living space looking out from here that’s the few you get once you come out of this beautiful and spacious master bedroom let’s take a look nice so this is a spacious room with multiple areas that you can further design you already have cove lighting here and it’s oriented such that you can have your large widescreen tv over here and on the other side this is where you can have your king-size bed and it already comes with the plugs for your bedside cabinetry and from here you have a built-in dresser space and a spacious balcony let’s take a look.   You can imagine walking out into the spacious balcony and having a couple of tables in a chair over here and having this as your own private and quiet space for yourself and your family let’s head back in from the master bedroom and balcony let’s now take a look at your master walk-in closet and bathroom you have a sliding door here you have built-in cabinetry with automatic lights and it extends all the way to the other side leaving to your gorgeous master bathroom so you have this large mirror indirect lighting beautiful unique candle design light fixtures and a gorgeous dual vanity sink space leading to a display cabinet area and automated toilet by toto and you have a beautiful bathtub space that can also serve as a jacuzzi and this very unique dual shower space and you see that you even have space here where you can sit down in your shower space before we head out you also have additional storage space over here so this is excellent as a shoe rack space now let’s say that and from your master bedroom i’d like to welcome you to your dining and main kitchen space your main dining space has so many elements let’s start with a sling which is made up of this unique wooden block design with led lighting and coke lighting as well and you have this textured absinthe wall over here so this is where you can orient a large table that can fit even ten or even twelve people if you’d like and on this other side you have additional space for displaying items and this can also be used for other purposes like a pantry and additional storage so there’s a nice feature here you can actually turn this and then walked inside because on the other side there’s also storage on the other side so you can make this a private bank nice face see so that’s another unique feature of this house and from here.

25 by 50 house plan with car parking

Like you to see the centerpiece of your main kitchen which is a nara countertop which is this is a solid single piece table and here you have kaufmann tires these are genuine marble tiles stretching across the entire kitchen space so from here you don’t even need to know sometimes what the brand is because just looking at how striking and more than the design is that’s already enough because the emotion that you get up on looking at it when we first took a look at it the laguna papa huelva okay so from here you have a view of your main living space also and now let’s take a look and do a quick walkthrough of your main kitchen so this area can serve as an informal dining space this is the show kitchen space you can entertain guests here and you can imagine having a couple of stools here there’s even convenient space already here for plates and utensils and this is your main islandL countertop the unique lighting fixture gives this a very modern and contemporary feel but it’s also very warm and welcoming also you have a space here for your stove and you have plenty of additional pantry space and on this other side you have a huge space for your refrigerator from here you have access leaving to the side of the house going down to your main stream meats bathroom and an additional auxilary kitchen over there.   Four we head out i’d like to point out that it’s quite rare for maine kitchens or even kitchens in general to have a high ceiling like this but that’s built into the architecture of the property because it has an large window here which lets in a lot of natural light okay and it also makes the whole kitchen space feel much more open and let’s go from your main kitchen and dining space let’s now head on up to your third level where we have three bedrooms and your thread level family den space welcome to the third level of this house and you see that you have a spacious family hallway den entertainment space over here if you and your family are looking for utmost privacy it doesn’t get much better than this thread level entertainment space because even if you have guests or gatherings in the first floor or even in the second level in your main dining space you can keep this a surprise with living space for your family you can even have a large widescreen tv over here and make this your movie space there’s more than enough room here for a salah’ set and it’s beautifully lit and what you can see here is just greenery and trees and if you open this up you have another spacious balcony over here your third floor den space can still be used for family gatherings or get-togethers because it has its own bathroom area over here with a shower as well so you can see this wasn’t used just as a simple powder room but it’s really maximized if you’re really looking for a six bedroom property you can actually in the future potentially place a wall over here on this side and make this entire den space as an additional bedroom because you already have a fully functioning bathroom here but for now you have built-in cabinetry here which can be used as a linen closet for now but this can be the personal cabinetry of your six bedroom and now let’s head on out to the next bedroom so this is the first bedroom of the third level if we include the master bedroom and the ground floor then this is already the third bedroom in the property so you have built-in cabinetry here and you already have a space here with wall accents for a large tv and on the other side this is where you can orient your large dead you can even fit even a king-sized bed here you already have built-in space here for additional storage and your own private bathroom so you can really see that each bathroom is uniquely designed there’s a different motif and feel per bathroom now let’s take a look at the next bedroom let’s now take a look here at the fourth bedroom.

25 feet by 50 feet house plan

The fourth bedroom is a corner room that’s why it’s so well lit with this corner window that stretches from the floor to the ceiling and just to add you have a beautiful design in terms of the flooring and you even have cove lighting all around the room and the built in cabinetry what you’ll notice about this property is that there’s no room that’s too small all the rooms are very spacious and maximized and they all have their own bathrooms but this fourth bedroom has a balcony so you can actually step out here and it’s actually a shared balcony with your fifth bedroom which we’re going to take a look at so we can explore it from here so this is an excellent set up for siblings and it also adds another area that gives a lot of ventilation for the two rooms so this room is once again also spacious it’s located in the middle of the property but at the same time you can see that it already is oriented with a space here for a large tv and the elegance of lighting and its own bathroom and that ends our property tour video of this beautifully designed brand-new five bedroom house and lot for sale located here in pune city mall if you want to know more about this property check out the next portion for important reminders for home buyers if you want to know more about this incredible property or visit it in person just click the description below where you can get in touch with us to our email and numbers on there you can also follow us and message us on instagram and facebook once again my name is satyendra thank you for watching and we look forward to bring you clarity quality and convenience in finding a 2d house plan for you and your family here’s one more look at this brand-new magnificent in pune city center mall.   Contact us today in the evening and the number shown here to schedule a property viewing you can also click the description below for the property videos don’t forget to click that subscribe button so that you can get notified of our future posts thanks for watching and we look forward to bringing you and your family a 2d house plan.

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