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Home Design offers tens of thousands of floor plans for homes, villas, garages and more, many world-renowned architects make the process of designing or renovating your once expensive and complicated home easy and affordable. Our packages are functional and personalized, and our services guide you through the home design process so you too can have the home of your dreams. Thousands of houses have been built, renovated or refurbished according to house plans. The best architects and designers from around the world are constantly introducing new 2D house plans and millions of people visit this site every year to review kitchen and bathroom designs, start renovations or find plans for their dream house.

We’ll help you find a “ready-made” plan that fits your needs and provide you with all the architectural resources and advice you need for construction, whether you’re starting work tomorrow or just embarking on your journey to a new home. Find the largest list of house plans and floor plans available for purchase. We’ve made it easy to navigate through nearly 40,000 floor plans categorized by architectural style, house size, room specifications, construction budget, and other features. Save plans that interest you to generate ideas, communicate with your builder, or improve your ideas about what makes your new home great. Customize each plan to fit your website, budget, or other criteria. Combine items from different plans – kitchen from one plan and master bathroom from another. Then work with our package customization service to change packages in a matter of days to make your final design work for you.