25 x 30 house plan

25 x 30 house plan

Now welcome to your beautiful 25 x 30 house plan. Design house plan and before we begin for quality home let’s take a quick look at this property’s features beginning with the property size it has a generous slot area of 750 sqft and a floor area of 750 sqft for the specific home features it has four bedrooms four bathrooms a two-car aport an open concept living space a front porch garden a spacious private garden a dining and kitchen area a service area a water tank tower a storage room a maid’s room and also has air conditioning units included and all this in a highly secure community with fast access to sukkot road and sm city bf homes now let’s begin the tour. This is a beautiful single-level property with the front of the house facing the south sunset is on this side and sunrises on the other side let’s go in. Upon entering the house you have a spacious garden and patio area on your left. And a two two-car garage on your right. This house is a very classic and welcoming design with a nice pebbled and tiled walkway leading up to the main entrance you can see that the parking area also has a high ceiling and it’s also spacious enough for two large SUVs now let’s go in. Now welcome to your beautiful home the great thing about having a 372 square meter lot is upon entering the house you’re welcomed by an open planned living space to the dining and kitchen area it’s also well lit because you have this large window that slides open towards a patio space here let’s take a quick look. You can see from the clear blue sky that this open area gives a lot of ventilation and light to the area of the living space you have enough space here for a small outdoor living room set and it’s great also for small barbecues and get-togethers now.

25 x 30 house plan
25 x 30 house plan

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Let’s head back in. The living area extends to this side of the house so there’s so much that you can do in terms of how you can arrange your furniture and it leads naturally here to a spacious main dining space we’re going through the main areas first and amenities before we go to the bedrooms later so here you see that you have enough space here for an 8 or even 10 seater table and you have a high ceiling it’s very well lit you can see the other portions of the property here you can see your living space and kitchen and it’s very well ventilated through the sliding door which leads out to a spacious garden area.

25 by 30 house design

Your garden area is very spacious there’s enough space here to even put a small lounge pool if you’d like you already have a faucet space over here you can easily have an additional entertainment bar space here and in the afternoons it’s very cool and it’s a great place for the family to hang out and you also have two ways to access it from your main dining space and you have another sliding door here leading to one of the bedrooms which we will explore later you also have a well-designed trellis in this space where you have these plants giving it a very welcoming and pleasant feel now let’s head back in from your garden and dining space area let’s now welcome you to your main kitchen space. Your kitchen is spacious well organized and you have a lot of storage space you have a nice granite counter here where you can have some high stools so that you can use this as an informal space and this is a great spot for preparing food you already have the circuit breakers on this side so it’s all very well organized and you already have access here for the different wiring in the house and on this site you have a nice lighted pantry space on top of that you already have stainless steel metal drawers here for storage and you have access here leading to your service area this is a nice wet kitchen space you can have your laundry here in this space and you already have a steel tower with a storage stamp for your water here and on this site, you have a storage space just for additional storage. That just shows that every space in this house was maximized let’s head back in and now it’s time to take a look at the bedrooms here towards the front of the house is your master bedroom.

25 * 30 house plan east facing

Your master bedroom is spacious with well-placed pin lights giving it a very quiet and calm feeling and it also gives you plenty of space on where you can orient your bed you can have it here or on this side and it also comes with this large sliding door leading out to a private patio and garden space at the front of your house that we saw earlier but let’s take a quick look so right now the grass just needs a little trimming but this is a great spot to hang out in the afternoons as well because you actually can’t be seen if you’re sitting down here from the front of the house and once the afternoon sun comes in this wall protects you from it so it’s quite cool in the afternoons here so you can imagine having a table over here and maybe some lawn chairs over here now let’s head back in and here we have your master bathroom and walk-in closet space the walk-in closet is very spacious you have more than enough room for a lot of clothes and different personal items and you even have a nice area here that you can use for bags clothes or even shoes and you have a nice dresser area on this side and on the other side you already have a really nice sink space with really nice dramatic lighting actually and on this side a shower enclosure and the rest of the bathroom let’s head back up by now you notice that this is an excellent property for people who don’t want to have a second level in their house but they want a really spacious area so this is excellent for anyone who’s retiring anyone who doesn’t want to have like an elevator anymore or stairs but wants an open and welcoming space so here we have your second bedroom. Your second bedroom is spacious and it has a nice rectangular shape so it’s very easy to configure in terms of where you can put your bed and it’s also welded and well ventilated because of this sliding door leading to your garden space so let’s just have a quick look on your perspective from this room so imagine walking out in the mornings and seeing regarded and it already comes with a Samsung split type air conditioning unit and its bathroom it already comes with walk-in closet space. And a well-designed back area let’s head back out from your master bedroom and second bedroom we now take a look at your third bedroom which is positioned at the front of the house as well right beside the driveway.

25 30 house plan 2bhk

The area this is the smallest room in the property this can serve as a great home office dense space movie room guest room and it cools very quickly because it has the split type air conditioning unit and the room is very modestly sized but it also already comes with its bathroom so you can see once again it has a unique design which is consistent with the other rooms but also has a character of its own let’s head back up. From the first second and third rooms let’s now head on over to the fourth bedroom so this is right beside your dining space there so this is a very well lit room it’s facing the west side of the property it’s the afternoon right this the garden bedroom including the other one as well with the sliding door so you have two garden bedrooms and if you think about it even your master bedroom also has its private garden in the front of your house so this room also comes with its bathroom so you see the shower enclosure wall has a different tone but still looks quite elegant now let’s head back up lastly we have a room over here right beside the service area which is our main room it already has storage cabinets and its bathroom. Don’t forget to click that subscribe button so that you can get notified of our future post 25×30 house plan east facing thanks for watching and we look forward to bringing you and your family a 2d house plan.

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