30 by 40 house plan

30 by 40 house plan

This is a house plan built in an area of 1200 sqft. This is a 30 by 40 house plan 2BHK ground floor plan. There is a lot of parking space in this plan and nowadays everyone keeps a parking area in their homes, everyone knows that if not today then tomorrow. You will take a car and if someone does not have a car, then there is a bike, then it is also necessary to have a place to park it.

The size of the parking area in this house plan is 13’8×14’8 and there is also a staircase to go up from there. Ongoing beyond this, there is a space in front of the main gate, whose size is 6×10, at this place you can plant trees and plants so that you can get fresh oxygen.

After this comes the living room, in this room you can keep a sofa set, you can keep a flower pot, there is a cabinet for TV, where you can put the TV and sit comfortably and watch the size of this room. Is 16’8×14.

After this room, let’s go to the first bedroom of the plan, whose size is 12×14, in this room, you can go directly from the living room, this room also has an attached bathroom, whose size is 8’8×4’8, this room In this, you can keep a double bed, the wardrobe is already built in the wall, which is called Wall Mounted Wardrobe.

30 by 40 House Plan
30 by 40 House Plan

30 by 40 house design

Ongoing out of this room comes the kitchen, whose size is 10’4×10, the kitchen has been made modular and there is a sink on the platform where you can wash your hands after your workroom, it does not have a wash area. Outside this, there is a common washroom, whose size is 9×5.

Moving on from this comes the master bedroom, whose size is 15×14, in this room also a unit for TV has been given where you can put a TV. You can see the road. There is also a wardrobe in this room, here you can also keep a double bed and there is also a sitting space where you can keep anything to sit or keep it empty.

This is a 30 by 40 house plan with 3BHK on the ground floor. This plan has been designed in such a way that a shop has also been made on the front side. A lot of space has also been kept for parking and along with this space has also been given for gardening on the front side of the house. In this plan, you will get all kinds of modern facilities and on our website, you will get to see similar house plans which will be full of facilities.

30 by 40 house plan
30 by 40 house plan

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30 by 40 home plan

On entering from the main gate of the 30 by 40 house plan, the parking area, whose size is 20×10, comes forward from here, the garden area, where you can plant trees of your choice according to you, there is a shop on the same side of the garden. Whose size 10×12, it is made on the outside, which you can either use yourself or you can give it to run on rent. There is a staircase to go to the terrace above the veranda, the size of the veranda is 9×7. A showcase can be made.

After this, we move on to the master bedroom whose size is 12×12 this room also has an attached bathroom which is 4×7 in size and the dressing room which is 4×7 in size. You can keep the bed, there is no need to keep the wardrobe in the room because there is a separate space in the room for that. If you want, you can also put a TV here.

30 by 40 feet house plan

The kitchen is built in front of this room and the wash area is also made adjacent to it, the size of the kitchen is 10×12 and the kitchen is made modular, it can install an exhaust fan, a window is also installed, and which becomes the wash area. Its size is 6×10.

There is also a storeroom in front of the kitchen, whose size is 7×5. There are 3 bedrooms in this plan, one is the master bedroom, about which you have seen, now let’s move on to the second bedroom, whose size is 10×11, this room does not have an attached bathroom, this room is a little smaller than the rest of the rooms. You can make a children’s study room or you can make

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30×40 house plan north facing

Now let’s begin let’s go upon entering the pedestrian gate to your left you already have a pocket garden leading to the side of the house so this is a refreshing pop of greenery upon entering the house and then on this right side you have a spacious carport area for four vehicles the parking space can easily fit four vehicles two here and then another two in terms of the ceiling height we’ve already tested having a high ace van over here the big and wide type and it fit perfectly what you see here is a mezzanine space for the mains room and the driver’s room which have their separate bathrooms so you have two separate entrances for the two separate rooms and Arizonan so the house has a grand facade with tiling and a wooden design upon the main grand entrance so you even have a nice touch of having glass all around the window.

Now welcome to your beautiful home. You’re welcome by a high ceiling upon entering the house you see that you have this glass staircase leading to the second level and you even have large vertical windows leading to the second floor and from here you see that you have an open space for your living-dining area and you even have an extension of the living space towards this side leading to an outdoor patio space the whole living space has this large-format cream-toned marble tiling which blends well with the cold lighting for the living area and you see that here you have high ceilings and you have these large sliding doors leading out to an additional entertainment space outside let’s take a quick look.

30×40 Villa House

So you see that you can use this space as an additional entertainment area it leads to a garden space leading to the front of the home over here and you see how spacious this whole area is you can easily have even a big table over here and potentially make this an outdoor bar area or barbecue area in the future and if you take a look here you have a spacious garden area so I even have to jog a little so that I can reach the end quickly because if you stand here at the end of the garden you can appreciate the size of the space and if we trade places and you go over here you can see that there’s a great view of the facade of the house from this angle and there’s so much that you can do here you can even put a swimming pool over here a plunge pool or even have a gazebo here at the corner so that you have an outdoor space and from here you have access towards the side towards the kitchen space as well but for now let’s head back.

30x40 house plan north facing
30×40 house plan north facing

And you have immediate access here towards your dining space so here’s a great idea for the dining space you can even potentially turn this in the future into an additional sliding door leading out towards your garden area directly from your dining area and if you want to close off your dining space you even already have an archway over here and you can have a sliding door here in the future if that’s what you prefer but if you prefer the open space that’s how it’s currently configured from the dining area in living space you have two swinging doors which give you access towards your main kitchen. So the door is swinging so that you can quickly come in and out, especially if you’re bringing in the food you even have a nice touch of having a window for the doors so it gives you a view of your guests and in addition, you can really see how big your main kitchen area is there’s so much storage and you have a really big allotment here for a refrigerator and in terms of the design you even have cove lighting and really elegant tiling

All around the room you even have enough space for an island countertop if you’d like and from here you see that you have additional laundry and dirty kitchen space so you can do heavy washing here and you can have your washing machine over here in the future you can potentially have a covering over here once you purchase the house now let’s set that in if you’re curious about where to put the stove we can potentially place it here and you can have your range hood over here and we’ll make sure that in terms of the ventilation and where the air will pass through and even customizing the granite counter top we can handle that as well for you okay.  And coming out you see that on this side you have a powder room here and an additional storage room under the stairs from the powder room.

Let’s now take a look at your first room here so upon entering the house towards your left you already have a spacious corner room. Which serves as a great guest room first bedroom family room home office zoom room you see that you have high ceilings here and you have a nice laminate design wooden laminate design for the flooring and you even have the baseboards which complement the color of the doors and here you have your own bathroom as well like to point out how elegant the tiling is and it’s even a nice complement as well to the colors in the rest of the house and it even has additional cabinetry as well on the other side and now let’s take a look upstairs towards the four rooms here in the second floor you see how open and spacious the hallways area is you can even maximize this and make this a small lounge area by having like a small sofa over here and having a television set here and you see that it also has cove lighting and the high ceiling is consistent all across the ground floor and the second floor you see that this is a nice central hub for all the four rooms here for the family to come together and let’s begin by taking a look at the master bedroom.

The master bedroom is facing the east side of the property because the front of the property is facing west so you have morning light coming in through this large sliding door which gives you access to a balcony space. Hence, you see you always already have a screen here as well and you have a tempered glass enclosure and if you take a look here on the side you’ll have a view of your garden space. Okay and now let’s head on in.

And you see that there’s already built-in cabinetry on this side this is where you can have your television set and there’s more than enough room for additional storage or even an additional study desk area. And here you have a spacious master bathroom this master walk-in closet is a room in itself you can really see how much storage you have wrapping almost half the room and you have enough space here in the middle to have a bench area or even a tub but of course, you would have to make modifications in terms of plumbing for that but on this other side, you even have an additional area here.

30 by 40 house plans
30 by 40 house plans

Where you have a window so that makes the whole space very well lit and you have a dual vanity space for your sink area in addition on this other side you have a really nice shower enclosure and you even have a really wide shower head as well and even though you have a corner window where the windows have been frosted for privacy but that still brings in a lot of natural light and now let’s take a look at the third bedroom the next two bedrooms have a shared bathroom and it’s excellent for siblings in terms of space this is also very generous because you can easily have even two beds here for two children and you have plenty of storage space on the other side.

There and the window here also gives you a view of your garden space and once you open this up you have a shared bathroom which is very spacious you see that you even have a really nice counter area over here so you won’t run out of space for your toiletries and you have a spacious shower enclosure here and this is where you have your toilet area and once you open up here you see that you have another bedroom. This is your fourth bedroom and it also comes with built-in cabinetry what’s different from here from the other room is it even has a setup already for your television set.


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