North Facing House Vastu Plan 30×40

North Facing House Vastu Plan 30×40

This is the ground floor plan of the north-facing house Vastu plan 30×40 2BHK, which has been made according to Vastu. All the rooms and kitchen of this house plan have been kept according to Vastu. There is also a staircase to go up from this area, there are a 3 feet 4-inch street next to the house, where a toilet has been built, which can be used when coming from outside, making a toilet outside the house today. It’s great to see.

The size of the parking area of the house is 15×14’4, where the car can be parked and there is also a way to go inside the house. On entering the first one comes the hall whose size is 25×11’4, this room is very big here you can also keep a dining table because this room is made for the purpose that dining table can be kept here. There is a way to go to the bedroom from the living room itself, the size of this room is 13’4×10. In this room, you also have an attached bathroom, whose size is 4’4×8, in this room you are getting a wardrobe.

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North Facing House Vastu Plan 30x40
North Facing House Vastu Plan 30×40


There is also a unit for installing a TV and there is also enough space to sit where you can keep a couch or bean bag. From the living room, one can go to the second bedroom, whose size is 13’4×12’4, this room does not have an attached bathroom. A double bed can be kept in this room, a wardrobe is made and a TV unit is also built here, you can also keep a dressing table.

After the bedroom is done, now we go to the kitchen, whose size is 11’8×8, the kitchen is very big, here you can do your work very easily. The kitchen is made modular, so that the dust that flies while cooking will go straight out through the chimney and the wash area is also made adjacent to the kitchen, which is very big, here you can do all your more work. The area size is 11’4×4’5 North facing house Vastu plan 30×40 with pooja room.

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