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This is a south facing house plan. Vastu Shastra has been going on for years, according to which it is not wrong to walk at all, but in today’s time in the name of modernism, people are forgetting their own scriptures. According to Vastu, if positive and energetic rays come from the east, then it is good to keep a window in this direction. After this, there should be a kitchen or toilet in the west direction, but it is also necessary to take care that the kitchen and toilet are not nearby. It is very good if the main gate is in the north direction, the maximum number of windows in the house should be kept in this direction. According to Vastu Shastra, it is very important to have a courtyard in the house, it should be anywhere in the front or back of the house and plants like Tulsi, Jam, Neem etc. should be planted in the courtyard.