25 60 house plan

25 60 house plans

Now welcome to your beautiful 25 60 house plan. Hi, this is Rajat from the 2d design house plan so right now we’re going to tour this 150 square meter house which rests on a lot area of 150 square feet let’s go upon entering the house you can see that the ground level is elevated about three feet from the street level and on your left, you have access towards the side of the house and on your right, you have a carport area that can easily fit three vehicles.  What you see over here is a mezzanine space which serves as your meets room that’s why you have your stairs over here you have access here leading to the side of the house leading to the kitchen and on this site, you have a storage room now let’s head on in towards the main. Entrance now welcome to your beautiful 25 60 house plans. the house you can see that they maximize the space by having a high ceiling upon entering the house and you really have a nice mix of glass steel and wood for your staircase heading on up and here you have your main living and dining space which has an open concept plan. This house is perfect for a family of three to five members you also have beautiful and warm cove lighting for the whole living space so you can have a living room set on this site and on this site you can have a dining table which can fit about four to six people and it has a lot of ventilation because you have these sliding doors leading to the side of the house and towards the back of the house so when you open this up you have an additional patio space which you can walk around towards the corner and back of the house.

25 60 house plan
25 60 house plan

25 x 60 house plan

So here you have access leading to the front and here you have an additional nook where you can have a table and a couple of chairs so this is a nice place to relax and you can actually even have access towards your dirty kitchen area from here and now let’s head on in let’s take this sliding door from your dining space let’s now take a look at your open kitchen. You have a well-planned c-shaped kitchen wherein you have a really elegant blend of dark cabinetry mixed with this light stone tile you also have a nice distance between your sink your refrigerator and your stove which you can have here so it’s a working triangle that makes it very easy for you to navigate the kitchen from here you also have access leading to the side of the house. So on this site, you have a dirty kitchen and laundry area over here so this is just getting finished this is all going to get cleaned out in the next few days and on here you have a space where you can have your laundry potentially in the future you could potentially have a covering here so that it will be easier to manage when you’re doing laundry and on this site, you have access leading to the carport area now let’s say, From your kitchen space and your main dining and living area let’s now take a look at your first bedroom.

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25 60 house plan The first bedroom is a great space that you can also use as a home office you have a provision here for your light fixture so this room can get even brighter and you can also make this a playroom or an additional movie room to add to your living space here in the first floor and on this side you have one of the most well-designed bathrooms that I’ve seen and it also doubles as your powder room for guests because there’s another access door leading to the living space let’s take a look so you have unique tiling for your bath space. And a full bath area is okay. Let’s head on now and over here you see that you have an access door here leading to the same bathroom and now let’s head on up towards your second level where we have three bedrooms let’s go one of the things that stood out here for the staircase is it’s very spacious in terms of navigating it so this is a lot of space for the middle part of the staircase but it’s excellent especially if you have family members who are a bit senior and they don’t want very steep stairs or hard to climb stairs and over here you have your master. Bedroom your master bedroom already has built-in cabinetry and it’s facing the east side of the property that’s why we’re shooting this late in the afternoon it’s very cool on this side because sunset is on the other side, in addition, you also have a spacious balcony which wraps around the corner of the room so from here you have additional space all the way here let’s head back in. I’d like you to also notice the high ceilings which give it a more open feel and here you have your master bathroom. What makes the bathroom stand out are the three large mirrors which make the whole space look much bigger and also give it a very elegant feel.

25 by 60 house design

And now let’s take a look at the third and fourth buildings you can see that the great combination of this wooden collar the flooring and the white walls makes it very refreshing even with the width of the hallway the height compensates for it so it doesn’t feel cramped at all and from here let’s take a look at her3 bedroom. This third bedroom has its own built-in cabinetry and in terms of what type of aircon you’d like to place here we already have provisions so we can easily adjust if you want a window type or a split type air conditioning unit and the third room has a shared bathroom with the fourth room so it already comes with a tempered glass shower enclosure and a really elegant tile wall as well as additional storage space so they really maximize the height of the space and it really shines through because of the tiling and here we have your fourth room it’s more spacious than the third room it’s also a corner room and you also have built-in cabinetry here on the side you already have a space here where you can have your large widescreen tv and you can orient a bid on this corner for the specific home features it has four bedrooms three bathrooms a carport that can accommodate three vehicles an open living space a dining area an open kitchen a high ceiling for the entrance area a spacious master bathroom a balcony area a patio area and inmates room and all of this in a centrally residential community near ujjain if you want to know more about this property or visit it in person just click the description below where you can get in touch with us through our email and numbers shown there you can also send us a message on instagram or facebook once again my name is rajat from design house plan thank you for watching and we look forward to bring you clarity quality and convenience in finding a 25 60 house plans for you and your family a 2d house plan.

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