25 35 house plan

25 35 house plan

Design house plan real estate guide brings you our latest property tour video of a brand-new two bedroom house and not for sale located in a safe secure but very accessible area in homes panjab City so here’s a view of this spacious and beautiful home and here’s another angle so that you can appreciate its modern design this home also comes with a well spaced three-car garage and with that let’s begin the tour not housing not for sale located in an excellent and accessible area here in DF homes panjab City so one of the great things about this property and that stood out for us is the fact that it’s almost walking distance to Panjab  Avenue which is one of the main thoroughfares feel envious homes so right now we’re going to tour this big and spacious home but before we do that let’s start by taking a look at the properties for the property’s features it has a floor area of 350 square meters alot area of 316 square meters with two storeys situated on a corner lot in terms of the other major features it has five bedrooms five bathrooms a three-car garage as well as it then on the second floor a second floor balcony a main kitchen in a daily kitchen a maid’s room and here’s another view of the parking area for your appreciation so here the utility area we have our drivers room we also have a mix room and here we also have a toilet and bath as well and here we have an access door into the house into the kitchen area so we’re going to so and it also has to speak wouldn’t I’ve done is right here where you can have a big white CVS with another thing is it’s no study that trendy to the meet you can over there which would be the kitchen here yet so big and it’s a big pieces with so you. having your band. so this is a second dictionary American food preparation as well and this is the door which we showed you before that leads outside the pile of us food inside India Saudi the future now let’s go through numerous bedroom here so they will be pointing towards the swing.

25 35 house plan
25 35 house plan

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Welcome to the second and so in the same. housing does but you ever open up the second living you this is like, so even if I thank you happy new nights my voice will change the mornings so I’m going to stand here Paramatma eat any opinion sighs yeah so this is a nice area that you can open this up in the afternoon and you can have a few paintball or futures here where your family can relax in okay now let’s take a look at the so this is the second so almost the whole room is made up of windows as you can see up here and so these are the actual fixtures that you will find here and it also has its own. now let’s head on over to the fourth and fifth business of this house is the fact that it has a very central design in terms of the second den area you have four different to swerve on accessing the central area so it’s a great place for the family to come together and it also has and so this is actually slightly larger than the other moves so anyone here message vision if you would like because on top of that it has a slightly bigger space for the walking. for the new time CC tears about okay so that actually enter a quick property world of this beautiful 5 bedroom 5 bathroom three-car garage Brad music at the touch thousands of personal keep it here in bf4 spare analysis so this is a really great home if you have a big family if you want to have at least four to five bedrooms this is an excellent place because it has a lot of space I mean 24 it has a big living space downstairs in a big living space B to put a second floor and it’s centrally designed powering up in four bedrooms they all come together.

25×35 house plan east facing

If you need more air in the room so this is so unique and such a fantastic idea for a master bedroom so you can have your bed over here on this site and then plenty of additional space here if you want to have a home study this is more than enough space and then on this side let’s take a look at your master bathroom. The moment you step in you immediately see the floor to ceiling tiling letting you know this is gonna be. An epic bathroom. The first thing that you see here is you have a sauna area here you have an enclosed urinal and toilet area on the other side and then on the other side you have a spacious sink space with two duravid branded sinks and on the other side you have a tempered glass shower enclosure space and look at this rain head shower which is built into the ceiling already you have a bench here if you just want to relax while taking a bath a really and also a very spacious bathtub area with a built-in television set already on the other side what i love about this bathroom is the spacing and the size nothing feels too cramped everything feels very natural everything feels within your reach and small details like having these covers for the sockets also shows you the thought that was put into the design of the entire space but we’re not yet done from here let’s take a look at your master walk-in closet so this is a room in itself in terms of the size mirrors all around you have a dresser space so much storage look at the finishing of the inside of the cabinets okay and this is even adjustable in terms of the height so it depends on how you want to configure it you even have glass here a lot of care was put into the design of the space look at the laminate here very easy to open and close and you have an island counter top here for additional storage and you have plenty of additional storage throughout the entire space you have additional security features here which we will show you once you take an actual tour of the home thanks wow so that ends this beautiful tour of this home in jaipur city.

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