30 by 30 house plan with car parking

30 by 30 house plan with car parking

This is a 2BHK ground floor plan built in an area of ​​30 by 30 house plan with car parking. This is the East facing house plan. The size of the parking area built in this house plan is 14×9, there is also a staircase to go up from the parking lot. Ongoing inside from here comes the drawing-room, the size of this room is 14×12, here you will also find a big window, you can put a TV here, you can keep a sofa set and the interior of this room has also been done very well.

Moving on from this comes the common washroom, its size is 7×5’4 and the kitchen is built in front of it, whose size is 8×10. You will get the kitchen with all the modular fittings, there is also a sink, here you can also keep a 4 seater dining table.

30 by 30 house plan with car parking
30 by 30 house plan with car parking

30 * 30 house plan with car parking

Going beyond the kitchen comes the master bedroom, whose size is 14×10’8, in this room, you can have a double bed, a TV can also be installed and the wardrobe is also built but there is no attached bathroom in this room. After this, the second bedroom, the size of this room is also the same as the first bedroom, this room is of 14×10’8, even here you can keep a double bed, the wardrobe is already made.

The attached bathrooms are not kept in the rooms of this house plan. The interior design has been done very well in all the rooms of this plan and along with all these things, you will also get the design of the fall ceiling in it. An attempt has been made to make this plan such that it can be made by those people who have gone with less budget, but if seen, it often happens that we go a little out of the budget.

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30 by 30 house plan

Now welcome to your beautiful 30 30 house plan. let’s take a quick look at this property features beginning with the property size it has a floor area of 90 square meters and a lot area of 90 square meters for the specific home features it has four bedrooms which are made up of three bedrooms in the second floor and eat them in the ground floor it has four bathrooms a two-car garage a second-floor family hallway an open living and dining area an oven cooktop and rangehood already included in the main kitchen a master walk-in closet Allen aye in Fabio area service in the laundry area and a maid’s room and all of this in a secure and peaceful community that’s excellent for jogging and biking now let’s begin the tour let’s go upon entering the house you have a garden space on your right and a spacious two-car garage on your left. Now welcome to your beautiful home. The living space welcomes you to an open platform sep design which includes the living and dining space in one entire area and you already have ventilation because you have easy access leading to the second floor through your staircase here you see that you have a provision here for your own unique lighting depending on how you want to interior design your house the entire living space has large windows which already has a screen and you can see that from your living space you can open it up and make it larger through your den space so let’s take a look.

The ground-floor then is a great extension of the living space such that you can make this a movie room a playroom or even a home office but if you want you can actually convert this into another bedroom and your bathroom will be the bathroom here on the first level which we will take a look at later but there are many possible uses for this room now let’s head out and from these sliding doors you have your main dining area. Your dining area is differentiated by the wooden design of the ceiling so you can see that this entire space is the formal dining space of the house you can have a table here that can easily fit six people and you can open this up to a patio space your patio area is a great extension of your dining space you can make this a great coffee nook you can walk all around the house from here you even have bamboo plants which make it very cool even in the afternoons because the sunset is coming from this site and if you take a look here you have a really nice patch of greenery throughout the side of the house leading to the front of the house and from here let’s move back in and take a look at the main kitchen.

30 by 30 house plan
30 by 30 house plan

The main kitchen is thoughtfully designed it has this really nice u-shaped marble countertop that you can actually use as a showcase kitchen space you can do a lot of cooking here and have guests over here and you can have a couple of stools here this is your space for your refrigerator you have a lot of pantry space stretching across this side of the kitchen and you already have a range hood up cooktop and an oven which are cochin branded so they’re all included already with the property and from here you have your stainless steel sink leading to an access door to your service area at the side of the house let’s take a look.

30 x 30 house plans 3 bedroom

This is a nice and clean auxiliary kitchen space you can use this area for very heavy coping or barbecues outside the house and you also have a space here you already have plugs here that you can use if you want to have your washing machine on this side so you can potentially have a small covering over here after you purchase the house and you have a nice patch of greenery leading to the front of the house and the driveway and if you look over here at the side you have access leading to your patio space and dining area now let’s head back in so here’s a quick recap of the ground floor of this house you have the open plan living and dining space with a damage can be converted into a first bedroom you have an open kitchen living to an auxilary and service area outside and you have these large sliding doors which lead to an open patio space and the house has really nice greenery you can walk all around it and over here you have the first bathroom which is actually the bathroom that can be used by the den space if you wanna convert it into a bedroom you see that you can convert this into a bathroom because it already comes with a shower area now it’s time to take a look at the second level of the house let’s go on an added note the stairs are very easy to climb they’re not steep and you have this large window letting in a lot of natural light you even have a really nice curved lighting here so you can have a nice chandelier or a light fixture on this part of the property now welcome to the second level of this house where you have a family hallway space. The family is always a great second living space you can have a tv on this site and you can have a nice big couch over here and you can imagine your family or your kids enjoying themselves over here by while you’re entertaining guests downstairs you have a provision here if you want to have your own unique light fixture and from here let’s take a look at your master bedroom.

The master bedroom is the corner room facing the east side of the property so from here you have a nice view of hills in the horizon and you even have enough space here for a large king or queen sized bed and it’s facing the front of the house and it’s very cool in the afternoons as well because the sunset is on the other side of the house from here you have access to your master walk-in closet and bathroom your master walk-in closet is spacious such that you have two areas where you have built-in cabinetry so it stretches all the way to the high ceiling and on the other side you even have a nice display area over here for bags and other important items and you even have a dresser space and from here you have your bathroom area you can see that you have elegant large format tires and a tempered glass shower enclosure when i was walking around this property it made me think that this is perfect for number one families who are coming from a condominium unit that’s two to three bedrooms and want a bigger space number two it’s also excellent for families who are coming from a bigger house and you want the house that’s more manageable but it’s still within the city and third it’s also excellent for families who are actually based from outside metro manila but want to have a house here in metro manila that’s very also easy in terms of management and those are some of the families that we think are a great fit for this property now from here let’s take a quick look at the second and third bedrooms here in the second level let’s go.

The third bedroom here I’m saying this is the third because for accounting the first then space as the first bedroom it’s a corner room it very well dips you have a study table area over here and it’s spacious enough to have a single bed or a slightly bigger bed over here and there’s more than enough space because you have there in cabinet knee and your own bathroom. One of the great features of this property is it’s almost at the top of a hill so it’s very well ventilated and elevated so it’s quite breezy here in the afternoons and the fourth bedroom over here is also once again a corner room so it has almost identical size as the other room and it also has a study area and built-in cabinetry on the other side there and it also comes with its own bathroom we hope you enjoyed this brand view 4 bedroom house 30×30 house plan. don’t forget to click that subscribe button so that you can get notified of our future post thanks for watching and we look forward to bringing you and your family a 2d house plan.

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