25 x 25 house plan

25 x 25 house plan

Now welcome to your beautiful 25 x 25 house plan. Design house plan your design real estate guide brings you our latest open house tour for a brand new 5 bedroom corner house in jaipur located in a safe and secure community near airport and fair view jamsedpur city so here’s a view of this beautiful and modern home and join us as we begin this property good hi this is satyendra from metric ideal tee and welcome to our latest open house tour for a beautiful brand new corner house and not for sale located here in fairview jamsedpur city metro delhi so now we’re gonna tour you to this beautiful 5 bedroom home but before we do that let’s take a quick look at this properties features beginning with the property size it has a spacious lot area of almost 625 sqft and a floor area of approximately 650 sqft for the specific home features it has five bedrooms four bathrooms a three carport a second floor balcony a relaxing swimming pool top-notch materials like a 300-pound main door with an electronic security lock it already comes furnished with furniture and appliances it already has air conditioning units a high ceiling in the main living space a second floor family them a service area drivers room and a major and all in a safe and secure community near major shopping malls let’s go you are welcomed by this beautiful black granite steps leading to a three meter high solid narrow wood door now welcome to your beautiful home you’re immediately welcomed by this grand open layout leading to your dining space and kitchen and a beautiful living room the first thing that i noticed when i came in is this beautiful high ceiling with a beautiful light fixtures and cove lighting as well with large windows letting in a lot of natural light so this is very spacious such that you can have a large salad set here and just to let you know this entire property is already fully furnished so all of this comes with your purchase of this home and coming from your living area we already have here a den which can serve as your first bedroom and just to let you know the doors are family doors with gamma-gamma accents let’s take a look so you have a well spaced den area which can serve as a home office or as an entertainment room or as an additional bedroom coming from your den.

25 x 25 house plan
25 x 25 house plan

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25 * 25 house plan 1st floor

First bedroom we go out now here to your dining space here are three perspectives of your well designed dining and main kitchen area your dining area already comes to beautiful cove lighting and light fixtures and a very unique dining room table which is actually a single piece naturally dried table which seats about 10 people and it took about three to six months to dry this so that it would last longer and your dining area naturally flows to a beautiful and well-designed and fully equipped kitchen so you have this beautiful black granite countertop with a sink you have an elbow range hood a larger manya cooktop a samsung refrigerator and even bloom hinges which is a top of the line hinge for soft closed cabinets ok and you have access here leading to your utility area in the delicate chain but before that let’s take a quick look here to one of the main features of your home which is a beautiful swimming pool so you have a single piece window here which is actually very rare to construct so we roll this and welcome to your swimming pool the swimming pool area adds a calm and relaxing element to this delightful home so you already have this waterfall feature here this is about four to five feet deep and you already have your meets quarter’s driver’s quarters and a shared bathroom over here and if you join me over here we have access here leading to your utility area so in terms of the quality the black granite countertop extends all the way here and you have a dirty kitchen area and you can have your laundry machines over here your washing machines okay going back we have access here leading to your kitchen so if you have barbecues you can easily go and access okay and from here we have a powder room let’s now take a look at the second level of this home where we have your master bedroom and three more bedrooms welcome to the second level of your home where we are welcomed by a family hallway or a den area here’s one more view of your spacious second floor living space so this is actually very spacious you can have another living room set over here on top of that it gives you a great view of the high ceiling area and main living space in the ground floor it’s a great place for the family to gather you can even have some exercise machines here if you want to make this a home gym and all of the four bedrooms here in.

25 by 25 house plan

The 25 x 25 house plan second floor i have access here now let’s begin by taking a look at your master bedroom wow so the first thing that you notice here is its size it’s erect it’s a square shaped room so you have many ways where you can configure where you want to put your bed and you can have a king or queen sized bed over here with plenty of space left over for other furniture and you already have this beautiful curved led tv set as well and on top of that you have a beautiful and spacious balcony let’s head back in so the this narrow wood flooring and let’s now take a look at the master bathroom so this is beautifully designed with a dual sink already comes with the beautiful mirror and a shower enclosure for your toilet as well and spacious storage space as well okay let’s now take a look at the next level so our next bedroom is over here so this is the bedroom which has its own bathroom as well so if you take a look in terms of the spacing this is actually a very spacious room as well this can already be a master bedroom for other properties and it already comes with its own tv set as well and a split type panasonic aircon as well as a walk-in closet area and bathroom so i just rolled up the blinds so we could have a lot more natural light let’s now take a look at the third bedroom over here so the third and fourth bedrooms take a look at this one in the next one they have in shared bathroom but if you take a look in terms of the size they really don’t save in terms of the size they really maximize the size of the rooms and they’re not irregularly shaped at all and there they all come with the this beautiful curved led screens as well as their own storage space let’s now take a look at the fourth bedroom this fourth bedroom was actually set up to look like an additional den or entertainment area so you might be surprised as the as to the set up so instead of having a bed what was put here were is a living room set and you also have a much larger tv here as well but it already comes with its own spare type aircon and but it’s up to you feel free to convert this into a bedroom if you would like and the third and fourth bedrooms here in the second floor come with their own shared bathroom okay so that ends our quick tour of this beautiful home we hope you enjoyed this quick property tour video of this beautiful 5 bedroom corner 25 x 25 house plan and not for sale located here in fairview jaipur city metro delhi if you want to visit this property in person or know more about it just click the description below where you can get in touch with us to our e-mail and number if you want to be notified of our future posts just click that like button and that subscribe button once again my name is jay quality stuff from every guy geard thank you for watching and we look forward to bringing you clarity quality and convenience in finding a design house plan for you and your family here’s one more look at this brand new elegant modern and furnished corner house and not for sale in jamsedpur city contact us today in the email and numbers shown here to schedule a property viewing you can also click the description below for the property details don’t forget to click that subscribe button so that you can get notified of our future post thanks for watching and we look forward to bringing you and your family a design house plan.

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