40 60 house plan

40 60 house plan

Now welcome to your beautiful 40 60 house plan. This beautiful home with a large garden space but before we do that let’s take a quick look at this property’s features beginning with the property size.

It has a floor area of 240 square meters across two levels and a lot area of approximately 250 square meters.


40 60 house plan
40 60 house plan

The specific home features, it has five bedrooms five bathrooms a carport for four vehicles two balconies a powder room an open dining and main kitchen a garden space with a pool provision a spacious master walk-in closet a service, and laundry area a maids room.

and a driver’s room and all of this in a secure community with fast access to commonwealth avenue now let’s begin the tour the house has a really striking design with wood charcoal and white tones mixing really well together now let’s go.

40×60 house plans

Upon entering the gate you have a walkway leading to your main entrance and a spacious carport area for four vehicles your carport area has a high ceiling with a wooden design giving it a very natural feel you also even have painted bamboo on this side so it allows the air to come in but gives you additional privacy you have an access door here leading to auxiliary kitchen space and you have another access door here leading to your living area but now let’s head on over to your main entrance this door is made of solid narrow wood and it’s a beautiful entrance for your house now welcome to your beautiful home upon entering the house let’s take a look at your first room here.

The first room can serve as a dense space a guest room a home office it’s well lit because it’s a corner room so you have this large window and you can actually use this as a playroom or nursery room as well and now it also has its own bathroom the accents here in the ceiling give it a very elegant feel upon entering the house and it really shows you how high the clearance is for this level on top of that you have a high ceiling for your main living space and a beautiful staircase with tempered glass but from this area, you also have a nice foyer space which you can also use as storage you can have a shoe rack here a storage area for umbrellas or even make it a sanitation station and from here you have your powder room. From this perspective, you can really appreciate the size and height of your living space.

40x60 house plans
40×60 house plans

40×60 house plans with garden

It’s about 20 feet from this level all the way to the ceiling and you also have a fantastic vantage point of your staircase heading up in addition you can imagine having your living room set over here and having your large television set on this site and at the same time, your living space flows very naturally to your open dining area your dining space has this beautiful modern light fixture which you can place right over your dining table you can probably fit a table here for six people very comfortably.

Here you see that you have fast access to a well-designed main kitchen your main kitchen is excellent for showcasing your cooking skills and it’s a great spot also for parties get-togethers and informal gatherings with your loved ones you can have a couple of stools over here and you can imagine having a great breakfast here you already have once again the modern light fixture that’s aligned with what you have in the dining area you have a branded range hood you already have a cooktop another great feature is you also have acrylic in terms of the finish of your cabinetry.

It has a very elegant feel to it and you also already have your tandem drawers here so lots of pantry space here from your open kitchen you now have access here leading to your auxiliary service area the service area can serve as an additional outdoor cooking space if you have very very heavy cooking and then you also have a laundry space already here that’s why you already have drainage you have access here towards your carport area and here you have access towards your garden space you have three doors over here which are your main quarters diverse quarters and a bathroom now let’s head back in from your service area I’d like you to notice this really nice pantry space you have these alternating open shelves and then you have these push to open shelves. So it looks very clean with no handles from here you have access through these sliding doors towards one of the nicest features of the property which is a spacious garden area.

40 50 house plans

40 * 60 house plan east facing 4bhk

40 40 house plan

40×60 house design

For this property, there’s no landscaping yet for this part because the arrangement is after you give a down payment for the property that’s when they do the landscaping for all around the house up to the front of the house but we’re here because we want to show you and to allow you to appreciate the size of the space because as I walk around here we can clearly see that this is at least 40 square meters in terms of the size so you can easily have a large gazebo on this side with plenty of room left over to have a pool on this side of the property so that can easily be arranged if you’d like and.

Now let’s head back in and now after exploring the garden area let’s now head on over to the second level where we have four rooms so we just have to take off our shoes because that’s the rule to make sure that the second level is being painted well let’s go this is a great view from the second level of your living space and dining area and now as we head on up let’s take a look at your master bedroom to let’s go your second level has a high ceiling but it also has a cove lighting giving it a more elegant feel and you have a large window with a sliding door towards a spacious balcony overlooking your garden area and this is facing the east side so you have the morning sun coming in from here towards your master bedroom. So you can really see the size from here and you can see the space looking down. From here you have your master walk-in space and it has open cabinetry so that you can easily access your clothes from here you have your master bathroom so which has a dual vanity sink area and a tempered glass enclosure space let’s head on over to the next room so from here let’s take a look at your third bedroom.

40×60 house plans 3d

Your third bedroom is situated in the middle of the property so it doesn’t get too hot or cold here because you have the morning sun on the master bedroom side and then you have the afternoon sun in the front of the house you also have built-in cabinetry here and a solo bathroom and now let’s go down the hall towards the fourth room so the nice thing about the design of this property is after you come out of the bedrooms you have this large open space giving you a lot of ventilation and a great view of your first level over here you also have additional storage space so you can use this as linen storage. And let’s take a look here at your fourth bedroom.

This is a nice room because it’s a corner room it has the afternoon sun coming in from here so it’s very warm and bright you also have the design of the room allows for you to build in the cabinets without them sticking out from the wall see you can see from the wall it goes down over there so that you can place the cabinets here and here you have a bathroom also just to add every room already has a provision for split type air conditioning so it’s up to you if you want to do window type or split type both can be accommodated and here we have your fifth bedroom the fifth bedroom is unique because it has its own balcony facing the front of the house so this is excellent for someone who wants to have a little more air and ventilation so you can open up this part.

And then step out to the front of the house and here you have another bathroom so one of the nice features of this property is there are no shared bathrooms for the different rooms every room has its own bathroom and you have a powder room as well we hope you enjoyed this quick proper tour video of this brand new four-bedroom house in-law foresee located here near city if you want to know more about this property or visit it in person just click the description below where you can get in touch with us to our email and number shown there if you want to be notified of our future post 40 60 house plan just click that like button and that subscribe button you can also send us a message and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


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