40 50 house plans

40 50 house plans

Now welcome to your beautiful 40 50 house plans. Now welcome to our latest open house tour for a brand new 4 bedroom townhome development so this 40 50 house plans have a lot area of 200 square meters and a floor area of 2000 sqft house plan with four levels now let’s go. The first thing that you see here is the open carport area which can easily fit four vehicles you have a high ceiling with a really elegant wooden design and you have these large windows giving you a very open feel for the whole parking space so even for sports utility vehicles can easily fit here so from here let’s go up the main entrance so here on the right you have a security gate leading to the lower ground level where you have the median driver’s quarters and service area which we will explore later but for now, let’s go and take a look at the main living area now welcome to your beautiful home.

40 50 house plans
40 50 house plans

One of the first things that i noticed about this property is it doesn’t feel like a traditional townhouse at all it actually feels like a single detached house and lot because of the space you have an open plan concept for the whole living dining and kitchen space on an added note you also have quality pvc windows and the whole level of the living area is elevated by about two to three feet from the parking space so that gives you a great vantage point over your cars from here in addition you have this oversized window letting in so much natural light to your living space and this is an area where you can have your television set and you can imagine having a really nice l-shaped sofa on this side and it leads to a grad high ceiling space over your dining area so you can imagine having a really nice light fixture over there and having your dining table on this side so from this vantage point you can see that upon entering the house you already have a complete view of your dining area all the way to your kitchen space and right beside the dining area you have a light well it’s basically a opening leading to the top of the property which gives you additional ventilation in light in addition this also can serve as a provision for an elevator if you’d like to have one in the future in the meantime you can maximize this by making this a small rough garden or you can even potentially put a water feature here in the future.

40×50 House Plan

40×50 house plans with garden

40 40 house plan

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On this site you now have your main kitchen which I just like to note is very spacious there’s so much room to move around especially when you’re cooking and preparing food you have this great island countertop over here it already has storage on one side and the other side, you have a recessed area where you can put two to three stools so you can just imagine having breakfast here and here is where you can have your cooktop and you already have a certain branded drain shoot included this is where you can have your refrigerator and on this site, you already have the first bedroom of the house. So this room can serve as a home office or as a room if you have a family member who doesn’t want to go up and down the house and you already have a window over here overlooking the back of the house and the service area which we will explore after this already serves as a bedroom because it already has a full bath area.

40×50 house plans

There’s no powder room already for the property but if you want to maximize this space as a den area or living area this can serve as a guest bathroom so from the first bedroom and the main kitchen space let’s take a look at the service area so from the main kitchen you have a spiral staircase heading down towards your service area which I’d like to note is one of the biggest service areas that I’ve seen for a townhouse this is a well thought out service area because you can easily have your clothes hanging here and this is where you can have your laundry space already with a sink you can even turn this into an auxiliary kitchen space for really heavy cooking you have your mains room here which already has its bathroom. So the house just finished construction so we still have some general cleaning to do but of course that’s all going to get done before moving in and from here you have the way towards the parking space so before we head on over there let’s take a look here where you have the driver’s room so you see it also has its bathroom from here it even has a big storage space here on this side so we just have some construction materials that are going to get cleared out and from here you see that you have already the access gate leading to your parking space now let’s head back in so here’s another great vantage point of your main kitchen dining and living area you can appreciate how big the high ceiling area is from this view. Now let’s go up so you have some nice accent lights here and the stairs and here we are at the second level I call this the second level because we call the service area the lower ground level and then the first floor the ground level and this is the second floor so from here.

40x50 house plans
40×50 house plans

40×50 house 40 * 50 house plan north facing

let’s take a look at the master bedroom you can really see from this view how big your master bedroom is you even have a potential anti-room area over here you can even close this off and make this an area where you have additional storage and you still have so much space left to the point that you have additional room for storage here so you have two closets on two sides of where you can put your large wide screen tv and you have a sliding door here leading to a julia balcony so you have tempered glass for the balcony and it’s a nice area that gives you greater ventilation for your master bedroom and you even have some accent lights here for the facade of the property so from here you see once again that you can easily have a king sized bed on this side of the room and you have a provision here for a window type air conditioning unit but we can easily close this off and have this replaced with a split type aircon if you want to have it positioned on this side and here you have your master walk-in closet and bathroom so you see that it’s quite spacious you have an area here with your closets so lots of storage on both sides and you have a dresser area here with a large mirror and you have your sink space two sink spaces on opposite sides you have your tempered glass shower enclosure and toilet and in the future you can even potentially close this off if moisture is a problem for you especially if you take a lot of hot baths and you don’t want it getting to the clothes area and from here let’s now take a look at the next bedroom from here you see that you have a white hallway so the hallway doesn’t feel cramped at all because you have the stairs on this side and then you have the open area here giving you a great view of your living and dining space you can even see your kitchen space from here. And on an additional note, the light well can also be opened up here in the future so this is where you can have the entrance of your elevator and here let’s take a look at your Thread.

40 50 house plan east facing

So the third bedroom has a large window here and it’s quite spacious it’s almost a square-shaped size room so there’s a lot of options in terms of how you can configure your furniture and you have a large area here for storage and on this site, you have your bath space. What’s striking about this part of the property is this huge mirror which is rare for a bathroom that is not for the master bedroom and you even have additional storage even here inside the bathroom now let’s go and now let’s head on over back to the hallway and I just like to point out that the door you see over here leads to a storage room and now let’s head on up towards the third floor where we have two more bedrooms bedroom four and five and a family dense space heading on up here at the third floor you see one of the features that make this property feel like a single-detached house you have a spacious family den. Area.

So this isn’t one of those spaces which are just like a big hallway you can even potentially close off the space and make this a more private bedroom and you can just imagine having a large sofa on this site and a television on the other side this is a great lounge and relaxation area for your family and from here let’s take a look at the fourth bedroom. On this side and you see that it’s very similar to the bedroom on the second level once again it’s a square-shaped room with a large window so it already has even a view of a global city because capital is already a very near-global city it’s just a few minutes away from the new bridge leading to the new business district over there so that’s increasing the property prices and value in the entire area because of the accessibility so here you have additional storage.

40×50 house plan north facing

Lots of gloss space and once again a well-designed bathroom with elegant indirect lighting and once again you have the additional storage on the other side so once again you have the storage here. So now you see that the whole space feels so open coming out from the fourth bedroom. From the fourth bedroom you have an access hallway here leading to your balcony and deck space but let’s take a look here first at your fifth bedroom having a large lot area of 200 square meters gives you more allowance for bigger rooms and you can see that from this fifth bedroom this is actually one of the smallest rooms already in the house and you have a window type air conditioning unit provisioned here but you can easily once again have this replaced with a split type air conditioning unit and in terms of the direction of the sun for this 40×50 house plans, the west side is at the front of the house that’s why you don’t have a large window over here and you have large windows at the back of the house because that’s facing the morning side but and in terms of storage you once again have a lot of built-in custom cabinetry and on this site, you have your bathroom.

What I like about this property is that all the bathrooms are covered with towels from floor to ceiling and you also have a window already here for added ventilation and once again you have the nice indirect lighting giving it a very hotel-like vibe and now let’s take a look at one of the nicest features of this property this spacious balcony and deck space. So from this angle, you can see how spacious your balcony and outdoor deck space is you can imagine having a table over here and more than a couple of chairs another great design idea is you can make this a plant wall and you can even cover this up with astroturf you have tempered glass over here and from this other angle you can appreciate the size once again even if you have heavy rains you even have drainage over here so you have the morning sun coming from the other side of the property so this area is cool in the mornings and even in the afternoons you have a great view of the afternoon setting sun from here. So we hope you enjoyed this quick tour of this brand new four-bedroom prime townhome development city if you want to know more about this property or visit it in person just click the description below where you can get in touch with us through our email and number shown there you can also send us a message through Instagram and Facebook once again my name is Satyendra from design house plan thank you for watching and we look forward to bringing you clarity quality and convenience in finding a 2d house plan for you and your family.

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