20 25 house plan east facing

20 25 house plan east facing Duplex 2bhk

Welcome to your beautiful 20 25 house plan east facing home, let’s talk about the property size it has a floor area of 500 square feet across three levels and a lot area of approximately 500 sqft now we’ll begin by taking a look at the ground level upon entering the home on your left side you have a spacious carport area which can accommodate up to three vehicles as you can see from the construction materials here this property is about 1 to 10 complete and we just have some landscaping to finish and some more fixtures to put up but this house will be finished very soon.

20 25 house plan east facing
20 25 house plan east facing

If you open this up you have a space here which you can use as a patio area this area can serve as a parking space for a third car however if you just want to maximize your two parking areas you can use this as an alfresco dining space it also has this really calming fountain wall and we will cover this whole area up for added privacy and now let’s head back your main kitchen is very functional and already comes with appliances you have this granite counter which is excellent as an informal dining space you can imagine having a stool over here for a quick bite and you already have a refrigerator an oven a microwave a cooktop and a range hood you also have this really elegant white laminate for your pantry shelves and also a really elegant splash style over here and you have an access door leading to your service area so you have a dirty kitchen space a wet kitchen area over here and you have access here towards an additional laundry and service space so this is where you can hang clothes and you can potentially cover this up in the future. This is your servant’s room which consists of the bathroom.

Now let’s head back from the service area, kitchen, and dining area. Now take a look at your standard bedroom it already comes with built-in cabinetry and already has an inverter window type air conditioning unit so all of these materials are going to get cleared out in the next few weeks and now head on here where you have a solo bathroom on an added note since the house is just about to be completed the fixtures are also being installed so you have a cola brand for the toilets.

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20 * 25 house plan 2bhk duplex

You also have a powder room for guests on an added note the door for the powder room is just about to be made as well so it’s not an open powder room just to be clear and now let’s head on up towards the second level where we have three bedrooms on an added note the stairs are not wood. Now welcome to the second level of this home where you have a family hallway space so you can maximize this area by having a couch over here and having a television set on this site so it’s another recreational space for the family it is also very open because you have the stair space giving you a view of your living area downstairs and from here now take a look at your master bedroom, so the master bedroom is undergoing final finishing that’s why we have this staircase over here and some paint but that will be cleared out in terms of the space, air, and light.

This room enjoys the morning light because this side of the house & front of the house is facing the east side of the property and you also benefit from having this large sliding door leading out to a spacious veranda you can appreciate this textured wall giving the whole facade of the house more character.

This is also an area that is excellent as a place for you to relax since this is a private space since it can only be accessed through the master bedroom but you can have a large table over here and gather your family here if you like. It also has a great view of the morning sun from here and now let’s head back in, from here you have a walk-in closet and your master bathroom, you have cabinetry all around the space and you even have a large mirror here, over here you have your master bath once again the fixtures are in the final stages of making.

20 25 house plan

Now head on out and take a look at the third bedroom and fourth bedroom over here, you can also see that you have a nice textured wall on it which is a nice interior design feature of the house it blends well with the tiled flooring here and on this side you have your third bedroom it has a corner room so it is very well lit, see that we have a high ceiling as well and you have built-in cabinetry and a window type air conditioning unit, from here you also have the sole bathroom. For here we’re just about to make the sink but the light color of the tiles and the patterned design has a very elegant mix.

20 25 house plan
20 25 house plan

Now we have your fourth bedroom, this room is also facing the west side of the property you have the window type air conditioning unit again and it has the built-in cabinetry and led lights you already have the main light fixture nowhere you have your bathroom and that door you see there is the door of the powder room which is to make. Now let’s head on over to the third level, so you have the nice wooden accents again leading to the third level of the home where we have three more rooms, on this site you have the fifth bedroom just like the second level your third level has the similar wood design tiles which are wide and very easy to clean and maintain.

The fifth bedroom has a corner room again, it has a great vantage point of the village from here you also have built-in cabinetry, high ceiling with led lights and already have a window type air conditioning unit included with shared bathroom, the third bedroom has its bathroom and is facing the west side of the property, it also has the hallmarks of all the rooms here you have the air conditioning unit included which is a great value and you have the high ceiling led lights.

20 25 house plan pdf

The built-in cabinetry doesn’t mind the construction material here that’s going to get cleared out and then you have the solo bathroom, the bath fix fixtures are just about to be made here. Now from here let’s take a look at your third bedroom, it is the biggest room here on the third floor it also can serve as an additional den area family space or recreational game room, or additional home office for you or your family. There are so many possibilities with the third room, you can just imagine having a large living area set over here and even multiple couches and then having a home theater set up on this side with a large widescreen tv and it also enjoys the morning sun from the east side of the property and has this large sliding door leading out to a spacious balcony your viewing deck is so refreshing breezy and spacious.

20 25 house plan pdf
20 25 house plan pdf

You can access it from both the seventh bedroom and the hallway of the third level and you already have a kitchenette space over here with a sink and a splash style and you can even maximize it and make this a laundry area because you can easily hang clothes here without being seen from the street level. On this 20 25 house plan east facing site, you see that you have space here for a couple of tables, making this a fantastic space to relax with your family.

For the property features, it has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a one-vehicle carport, a living and dining area. It also has a furnished kitchen, a second-floor terrace, a third-floor roof deck, high ceilings a wall fountain, air conditioning for all the rooms, a solar water heater, and a powder room. It also has a maid’s room and collar brand bath fixtures.

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