30 40 house plans with car parking

30 40 house plans with car parking

In the front of this 30 40 house plans with car parking, you are getting a lot of free space, there is also a small gallery on the side of the house. There is a lot of space for parking in this plan and there is also a staircase to go up from the front of the house. The size of the open area at the front is 7’4×7’4 and the size of the parking area is 10’4×18′. A bed has also been made for the plantation in the parking area, where you can plant trees according to your choice.

It is a 30 40 house plans with car parking 2BHK ground floor plan and is built in an area of ​​30×40 sqft. The size of the living room in this plan is 18×14. This room has a large window, which gives a view of the outside, here you can keep a sofa set, there is also a cabinet for installing the TV, in a corner in the room you can see these.

The door plant can be kept. From here onwards comes the common washroom, whose size is 8×4’8, outside this washroom you can also put a washbasin so that you will not have to go to the bathroom again and again to wash your hands.

30 40 house plans with car parking
30 40 house plans with car parking

30 40 house plans with car parking east facing

In front of this is the kitchen, whose size is 11’2×10, the kitchen is made very big, there is also a cupboard in which you can keep all your stuff. You go through the kitchen, in the first bedroom, whose size is 13’8×10, you are getting a lot of space in this room, here you can keep the wardrobe, you can keep the bed, along with all these things you can dress here. You can also keep a table.


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After this, we move on to the second bedroom which is the master bedroom but the attached bathroom has not been made in this room, the size of this room is 14’8×12, even here you can keep the wardrobe, the unit for TV is also given and Dressing table can also be kept. Even after keeping everything in this room, there is a lot of space where you can keep anything to sit in the corner like sofa, couch or bean bag, etc.

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East facing house Vastu plan 30×40 with car parking

Now welcome to your beautiful home. now let’s go So you have a solid steel gate. Leading to a carport area that can fit two vehicles in terms of the space is this can’t fit one of the very big vans but if you have a smaller sedan this can accommodate it the same for this other side so one is completely covered and one is partially covered and you have nice tiles and an elevated first level for the property it’s elevated about two to three feet from street level. And here we have the main entrance now welcome to your beautiful home.

You have a nice open layout for the whole living and dining space so you can make this your living area with an entertainment space here and you can have your large widescreen tv on this site and it has an open design leading to the kitchen space so you have your stairs here leading to the second floor you have a powder room here for guests. And on this site, is where you can have your dining space. And as another design feature, you even have an open ceiling and this creates greater ventilation as well because the air can flow from the first and second levels of the property you also have a sliding door here. Giving you access to the side of the house and the parking space on this side this is where you can have a nice alfresco space as well and even a table and a chair just like an outdoor space. You have a countertop over here this is a nice area for a quick breakfast as an informal dining space and you have an open kitchen area.

So the kitchen area is quite spacious you have the sink area here you have a counter area here and this is where you can have your refrigerator. On the other side, this is where you can have your stove that’s why you already have a provision here for your range hood and this door leads to the patio space beside the dining area with access leading to the carport area and from here. You have additional space in the form of a wet dirty kitchen space an auxiliary kitchen area you can even have your laundry machine over here a washing machine and you have a garden area here and this is where you have the maid’s room and the back. You can make this whole area an area where you can hang clothes or you can potentially even landscape this in the future if you purchase this home.

Since it has a large lot area of approximately 120 square meters a lot of space was maximized and you can see this from the first room that you have here on the ground floor. So you see it’s quite spacious you even have these two windows giving you a view of the outdoor area which you can turn into a rock or pebble garden and this is large enough especially if you want to use this as a dense space home office or if you have a family member who prefers to stay in the ground level and what’s great is you already have a powder room outside but this room already has its bathroom. And this is another great vantage point of how open the whole kitchen dining and main living area is from here I can even feel the air going down from the second level and coming in from the sliding door here in the dining space and now let’s head on up and take a look at the second level. Welcome to the second level of this home where you have a spacious family hall area from here you have access to three rooms the master bedroom and two other bedrooms you see that the setup here allows you to have a television set over here and potentially a couch on this site and maybe even a small desk or a small low table over here which is excellent for just a lounge area for the family especially if you have guests downstairs and here’s another space that was maximized to create ventilation and light so if you look down here you have a view of your dining space.

And from here you have access to your master bedroom the master bedroom has tiles with a wooden design which is consistent across the whole second level you already have built-in cabinetry here. And there’s so much space in terms of how big a bed you can put here even a California king-sized bed would fit here and you can easily have a large widescreen tv on this site in terms of the orientation of the house east is on this site so you have the morning sun coming in from here and that’s maximized through this balcony space. So you have a nice balcony over here with the morning sun coming in from the side now let’s head on in from here you have your master bathroom. The master bathroom already comes with an additional walk-in closet space with tiles installed from the floor to the ceiling. And now let’s head on over and take a look at the third and fourth bedrooms here’s another great view of the whole second-floor hallway space you can appreciate the size from this angle. So here we have the third room in terms of the color this was painted a bluish-green in terms of the color of the walls this is a more solid blue in terms of the hue and it’s spacious enough and well lit enough because it has this large window on the side and it already comes built-in cabinetry. And its bathroom. And now let’s take a look at the fourth room in terms of the color combination this has a green palette and you also have built-in cabinets in terms of size they’re almost identical to the third room so you can have your bed over here or on this site and this is where you can have your television set and I’d also like to notice the high ceiling. And you also have your bathroom here so the tiles here are nice.

The tile color matches the color tones of the room. And as we head on over here to the family hallway that ends our quick tour for the property features it has four bedrooms four bathrooms a carport for two vehicles an open living area a dining area a powder room a main kitchen an auxiliary kitchen and a service area a family hallway and a balcony and all this with fast access to schools commercial establishments and major malls we hope you enjoyed that quick property tour video of this brand new four-bedroom duplex townhome development for sale located here in bf resort las pina city if you want to know more about this property or visit it in person just click the description below where you can get in touch with us to our email and number shown there if you want to be notified of our future videos just click that like button and that subscribe button you can also follow us on Instagram and Facebook and you can also send us a message through our website www.2dhouseplan.com

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