30×40 Duplex House Plans

30×40 Duplex House Plans

This is a duplex house plan, this 30×40 Duplex House plan has 4 bedrooms. There is a hall on both the ground floor and the first floor. Here you have 1 bedroom, hall, and kitchen on the ground floor and there is also a lot of space for parking and 3 bedrooms on the first floor, hall and balcony on both sides, front and back. This house plan is built in an area of ​​30×40 sqft.


First of all, let’s see the parking area, this area is quite large, here the car can be parked comfortably and even after this, there is a lot of space left where you can do the plantation, the size of this entire parking area is 14×15. As soon as you go inside the house, first comes to the stairs to go up so that you can go to the upper floor.

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30X40 Duplex House Plans
30 X 40 Duplex House Plans

Duplex House Plans For 30×40 Site

Moving ahead, comes the hall which is quite spacious, the size of this room is 18’4×14, here a TV cabinet is made, where you can get the TV installed, you can sit the guest coming to your house here. After this room comes to the kitchen, it has also been made very nice and a big window has also been made in it and the exhaust fan is also installed, the size of the kitchen is 10×10’8.

The wash area is also made, it has also been made big so that you can do your work easily, here you can keep your washing machine, the size of this area is 20’4 × 6’4 and there is also a washroom. Whose size is 8×6? After this, we move on to the bedroom which is 14’8×13’4. This room also has an attached bathroom which is 8×4’8 in size.

30X40 Duplex House Plans
30 X 40 Duplex House Plans

After this, now let’s go to the first floor, all the bedrooms are built upstairs. Ongoing upstairs, the hall which is 18’4×14 in size comes first and there is also an attached bathroom in this room, whose size is 8×6, here there is a There is also a gate through which you can go to the balcony.

Then, let’s move to the second bedroom, whose size is 14’8×13’4, only this room of the whole house does not have an attached bathroom in all other rooms. Now there are 2 bedrooms, the size of one of these bedrooms is 14’8×13’4, this room also has an attached bathroom, whose size is 8×4’8 and from this room, there is a gate to go to the balcony. After this, we move on to the fourth and last room which is 14×10 in size as the rest of the rooms and in this room also one can go to the balcony.

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Now welcome to your beautiful home. now let’s begin once again you have a solid steel gate leading to a two carport area so you have the first car here second car you have access here leading to your kitchen space in the back of the house and once again the house is elevated this is a nice area where you can put some potted plants and here is the main entrance now welcome to your beautiful home. You have a spacious living area which is well lit through these large windows giving you a view of your carport area you even have nice moldings emphasizing the ceiling area and a lamp fixture and in terms of your personal preference, you can easily replace any of the fixtures here because I always consider lighting to be cosmetic you can also always bring in a contractor to replace lighting as you’d like or an interior designer from your main living space you have your staircase leading to the second level and you have an open area where you have your dining and kitchen space your dining space features a high ceiling which gives you greater ventilation from the second level and it also gives you a more open feeling while you’re dining on top of that you have the sliding door leading to a patio space.

So this patio space gives you access towards the carport area on this site and here you have an access door leading to the kitchen space from here you have this nice display area and an informal counter for informal dining where you can imagine having a couple of stools over here and this is a large enough space for your main kitchen to even have an island countertop here for additional cooking and you have a space here where you can have your range hood and your oven on this side you have an additional counter space you can imagine having a coffee machine over here and this is where you can have your refrigerator on this side you have additional space leading to an auxiliary kitchen area so you see that this area is already enclosed so you can easily have your laundry space here. And you have an open area here which you can use for hanging clothes or you can even landscape this to make it an additional garden area here’s another perspective of your auxiliary kitchen space and this is the access door leading to the patio area towards the carport space and just to show you how maximized the space is we have the first bedroom here which can serve as a home office or as an additional living space or it’s excellent as a bedroom if you have family members who prefer to stay on the first level so the lighting just hasn’t been installed but in terms of the space you already have lighting coming from the window here and it’s spacious enough for a bed and additional storage and you have your bathroom over here from here you can see how to open the whole space is and you have a powder room over here. And now it’s time to take a look at the second level where you have your master bedroom and your third and fourth rooms welcome to the second level where you have a spacious family hallway area you can easily have an additional small couch over here and have a television set over here and make this a nice lounge area you have tiled flooring for the entire second level with a wooden design with a very very warm color tone and you have this open terrace space giving you a view of your dining area.

So you can even add a lighting fixture on this site but it’s already very well lit because of this large window here and now let’s take a look at your master. The bedroom you can see that it’s very spacious and the color combination really complements the flooring so you have this warm tone over here and this more neutral gray on the other side and you have this large oversized window lighting up the whole space with this entire built-in cabinetry space on this side so plenty of closet space and plenty of room for a large bed and even a study desk area right here beside the window and to maximize the space you also have a balcony area so this is great because the morning sun is coming from this side so it’s very cool in the afternoons because sunset is on this site and it’s a great place to just relax at the end of the day or in the evenings you can even have a small table and chair over here as a nice reading outside and here you have your master bathroom with an additional walk-in closet space.

East facing house Vastu plan 30×40 duplex

So we’re just finishing up some of the lighting connections that’s why some of the areas still have their lights being connected and here’s another great view of your open second-floor family hallway and here you have your third room so it’s very green in terms of the color combination, of course, the colors of all the rooms can be potentially changed by you once you purchase the house it’s up to you this is just a this is just the current way that it’s been set up but if you see that it also still complements the warm wood color of the flooring it also comes with its cabinetry. Again so I’d like to point out that the bathroom since it doesn’t have a window it already comes with its exhaust which is very important for bathrooms who don’t have their windows and now let’s take a look at the fourth group so the fourth room has a different color tone this is bluer and you once again have a more neutral color on this side which matches well with the built-in cabinetry the size with the other room is identical and you can easily have your television set over here because this is where you have the provision for the cable but in terms of the room shape you have it’s not very irregular so there’s a lot of combinations that you can maximize in terms of the positioning of the bed and the furniture and here you have your solo bathroom for the fourth room.

So once again you have the tiled walls stretching from the floor to the ceiling and that ends our quick property tour video for this brand new four-bedroom townhome for the property features it has four bedrooms four bathrooms a carport for two vehicles an open living area a dining area a powder room a main kitchen an auxiliary kitchen and service area a family hallway and a balcony and all this with fast access to schools commercial establishments and major malls we hope you enjoyed that quick property tour post of this brand new four-bedroom townhome development for 2d house plan if you want to know more about this property or visit it in person just click the description below where you can get in touch with us to our email and number showed there you can also send us a message through Instagram and Facebook or send us a message to our website 2dhouseplan.com

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