30 by 45 house plan

30 by 45 house plan

This is a 30 45 house plan ground floor plan. The special thing about this plan is that the look of this 30 by 45 house plan is modern and all the facilities of the house are also modern, which is also necessary nowadays. The more facilities there are in the house, the easier it is to do household chores.

After all the facilities, now we move on to the design of the house and we hope that you will like the design of this house very much. A lot of space has been given for parking in this 30 by 45 house plan. The parking area of this plan is 16×14, where 2 cars can be parked together. There are stairs to go up from the porch, the size of the area where the stairs are made is 20×8, from this area, on entering the house, comes the drawing-room whose size is 13×21. This is a very big room, where the interior has also been done very well.

30 by 45 house plan
30 by 45 house plan

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On walking ahead from this room, comes the TV lounge, the size of this area is 20×16, here you can sit with family and watch TV, have lunch. After this comes the kitchen whose size is 13×11, the kitchen is very big, here you can do your work very well because this space is very big and at the same time it is also modular. There is a wash area adjacent to the kitchen where the dishwasher can be kept, the size of this area is 6×10.

After the kitchen, let’s go to the first bedroom, whose size is 14×13, here you will find a TV cabinet, wardrobes are also made and double beds can also be kept, even after all these things, there is a lot of space left in this room. This room also has an attached bathroom which is 10×6 in size. After this, we move on to the second bedroom whose size is 12×16 and this room also has everything as in the previous room and it also has an attached bathroom whose size is 6×8 and there is also a dressing room which has Size is 6×6.

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30 45 house plan

Now welcome to your beautiful 30 45 house plan. let’s take a quick look at this property’s features beginning with the property size it has floor areas ranging from 125 to 150 square meters and lot areas ranging from 83 to 109 square meters for the specific home features each unit has 3 bedrooms four bathrooms a two-car garage a living area a dining area a kitchen area an auxiliary kitchen space walk-in closets a laundry and drying area and inmates room and all of this in a convenient on the other side you have a spacious two-car garage for each unit and let’s head on in so that we can take a look at the first floor let’s go now welcome to your beautiful home. Your first level has an open planned dining and kitchen space so you have a space here for a large six-seater table so you have a model unit set up here so this is how you can potentially set up the unit in terms of the design you have a well-designed u-shaped countertop over here which is excellent for having an informal dining space that’s why we have these tools over here and you have a space here for a large refrigerator and on this site, you have a space where you can put your range hood from here you also have additional storage space under the stairs here and on this site.

You have a sliding door leading to a laundry space and the meat squirters let’s take a quick look on an additional note you have quality PVC windows already with the screen so that you can close this up and still have ventilation and from here you have a laundry space and a bathroom and here we have the meats quarters area. Let’s head back in. Here’s a great vantage point from your dining area you can see that you have a staircase leading up to the second level let’s go now welcome to the second level of this home where we have the master bedroom and a spacious living den area. This area has been interior designed but this is an excellent representation of how you can set up this living space so you have your dining and kitchen space downstairs and this is where you can have a recreational area for your family you can have a space here for a large widescreen tv and you have a large window letting in a lot of natural light from here and on this site you have a bathroom for your guests.

30×45 house plan west facing

So you can see that it’s very well designed with a very elegant tiled design and quite spacious as well from your living space let’s now take a look at your master bedroom uh. Your master bedroom is spacious it has a high ceiling and this is approximately about 25 to 30 square meters in terms of size you can have a space here for an additional sofa and entertainment area and on this site, you can have space for additional study storage and tv area and with more than enough space for a large king or queen-sized bed you also have a well-positioned window letting in a lot of light and you already have a provision here for a window type air conditioning unit we can easily close this up if you want to have a split type air conditioning unit and from here you have quick access to your spacious master walk-in closet and bathroom so you already have an entire wall here with cabinetry and a separate door leading to your bathroom.

let’s head on out so here’s another quick view of your master bedroom it’s really spacious and there’s so many possibilities on what you can do with it in terms of design and now let’s head on up where we are going to see the second and third bedrooms welcome to the third level of this home where you have your second and third bedrooms a storage room and an additional service area so let’s take a quick look here so we have done out here and you have a nice balcony space which also has a tiled area wherein you can have a washing machine and where you can also hand clothes if you’d like so this is facing the back of the house so this can clearly serve as a good auxiliary service space okay so let’s head on in from this perspective you see that the entire space upon entering the third floor is not ground at all it’s spacious enough that you even have a floor space where you can put two chairs in a small table you can even make this additional storage and you have a nice option here to have your own kind of light fixture to light up this area and you have a storage space here so every corner of this property was maximized so you see this can be a great limited blossom or even a small wine cellar in life and from here let’s take a look at your second bedroom your second bedroom has its own built-in cabinetry so you have your closet space here. And you have a space here for a study table and a large bed you have a window letting in natural light as well and your bathroom.

Let’s head on up and let’s take a look at the third bedroom. This room is bigger than the last one so this has more than enough space for a study table here in a large bed in the middle of the room and additional storage on this site and this is where you can put your large widescreen tv and once again you have a large window on this side and the other side, you see that you also have a built-in closet area and here you have your bathroom. We hope you enjoyed this quick property of this brand new three-bedroom my name is Satyendra from the 2d house plan thank you for watching and we look forward to bringing you clarity quality and convenience in finding a 2d house plan.

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