20 by 30 Indian house plans

20 by 30 Indian house plans

Now welcome to your beautiful home. Hi, this is Satyendra from design house plan and before we begin for quality home tours don’t forget to follow us on Instagram Facebook and subscribe to us on our blog now welcome to our latest open house tour for a brand new five-bedroom modern house in love for sale located here in homes Kanpur city now let’s go so you can see that it has a wide frontage and as you enter the house you have a pocket guardian to your right. And on your left side, you have a spacious four-vehicle carport area. For the property size, this house has a lot area of approximately 600 sqft house plan and a floor area of 500 sqft 20×30 house plan across two levels you can see that you can comfortably fit four vehicles here and this mezzanine space is the driver’s quarters it already comes with its own bathroom space so this entire area is the quarters so in terms of the height this can still fit a few SUVs and even if you have a van with a high clearance they can easily fit in these two slots what you have on the side there is access leading to the side of the house towards the service area which we will explore later but for now let’s head on over towards the main entrance from here you have these steps showing that the house is elevated from the street level by two to three feet now welcome to your beautiful home. There’s a different feeling for a house with a high ceiling you can easily have a beautiful light fixture there in the middle of the ceiling and you also have such a welcoming bright and open ambiance you can imagine having a huge l shape so far over here and having your television set on the other side and since it’s an open concept design you have your living space right beside your open dining area is defined by this beautiful cove lighting and you can see that you can easily fit a table here for six-eight or even ten people and you can open up your dining space further through these large sliding doors leading out to your patio and garden space. From this perspective you can see how spacious the patio area is you can easily have a large table over here and this is a great place to gather for family members and guests you also even have a high ceiling with a beautiful wooden design giving it a more natural feel and it blends well with your garden area so moving over here to your garden area this is a great barbecue space a great relaxation spot even a great meditation look if you’d like but at the same time in terms of the space, you can see that there is a provision here for a plunge pool you can easily have a plunge pool built here that’s about 12 square meters if you’d like so on the other side you can position it here at the corner of the property and you’ll have a great view of the house from here.

20 by 30 indian house plans
20 by 30 Indian house plans

20 by 30 Indian house plans north facing

Another great aspect of the house is you can really walk all around it and if you look at this side you see that the entire side of the house already has bamboo plants and it’s already landscaped so this is excellent especially if you have pets or dogs they can freely roam around your property this is the best angle so that you can have a perspective of where and how you can position a potential swimming pool let’s head back in from the garden patio space and to the dining area let’s now take a look at your main kitchen space so this is a nice feature just having a window for the door so that you can really peek into the whole kitchen area and vice versa it’s also a swinging door which really comes in handy especially if you have a lot of dishes bringing that you’re bringing in and out so here you see that you have a really spacious and well designed main kitchen and it’s really built around this island countertop which is well designed because on one side you already have storage and on the other side you have a recessed area so you can imagine having these tools over here and making this a nice breakfast nook on the other side you already have a provision space here for your oven and here for a double door refrigerator and i’d also like to point out that in terms of the design they really thought out even the lighting because here you have cove lighting but the color temperature is more white versus the dining and main living areas which have a warmer tone which is better for entertaining gas lounging and relaxing while here you really have sometimes a lot of heavy work to do in terms of cooking and preparing dishes and you also need better lighting as well so from here i’d also like to point out that you have so much pantry space here and here you have an access door. Leading to your auxiliary service area so this is where you can have your laundry space you can do heavy washing over here you already have your circuit breakers here and this is a door leading to your meets quarters so you see that it also has a large window and it has its bathroom.

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So from here let’s take a quick look at the side of the house towards the service area at the back so the other side is a landscape and this is already tiled and on this site, you have another sink space you can also make this your laundry area because it already has a faucet and even a plug here so you can potentially cover this up in the future and you have access from here towards your garden space and now it’s done back so pardon the bike and now we’re back in the main kitchen. And here’s another vantage point of your dining and living space before we head on up let’s take a look at the first room here right beside the entrance so we couldn’t wait to show you the high ceiling that’s why we went ahead and skipped these but these are very important rooms because this is the only bedroom in the first level. And it’s spacious it’s a corner room it’s well lit it’s facing the front of the house it has a high ceiling so this is perfect especially for family members who don’t want to go up and downstairs you can make this a home office a playroom or at the same time if you have a family member who’s expecting to have a baby this is also a great interim bedroom especially after giving birth and what you have here is a full bath space so you see that it’s well designed it has a very hotel-like feel this bathroom has two doors one leading to the first bedroom and you have a second door which gives you access to the main hallway because it can also serve as your powder room and now it’s time to take a look at your second floor where you have four bedrooms.

20x30 house plans south facing
20×30 house plans south facing

let’s go from this perspective you can appreciate how these windows give so much natural light to your entire living space and even towards your dining area so this is such a relaxing view coming up and down the stairs and having a great overall view of your dining area and living space you even have a view of your garden space and potentially your pool if you’d like to add the pool in the future and here you have a wide hallway with a terrace area so that you can overlook once again your living space so this whole hallway area doesn’t feel cramped at all it feels very open and the first room we’re going to take a look at is your master bedroom. Your master bedroom is a corner room it has two sliding doors leading out towards a spacious balcony you can easily fit a king or queen-sized bed here and you have a provision on this site to have a television set so this is the properties facing the west right now we’re shooting this video in the afternoon that’s why you have the sun coming in here but you can see that they didn’t design to have a large window here so that the entire space can still feel cool because right now if you had curtains here and this is already aircon this is quite cool in the afternoons let’s take a quick look also here at the balcony space this is a spacious balcony area and what one of the nice features that come with this house is that the front of the house doesn’t have a neighbor with a two-story house so you don’t have a problem of staying up here and then being directly in front of another house and just waving at your neighbor who’s also hanging out in their balcony so that gives you greater privacy. And now here you have your spacious master bathroom and walk-in closet space you have a spacious closet area over here so this is a great place to showcase bags and here you have an island countertop so this is great especially if you have a lot of things that you’re arranging as you’re packing you’re getting your things ready and you even have storage here so that the entire space is maximized so you have your toilet on this side and on the other side you have a dual vanity sink space with a tempered glass shower enclosure it even has a seat and on the other side you already have a bathtub space and they even thought of having these recessed areas where you can have some decorative items and even some toiletries on this side for your convenience now let’s go. So from your master bedroom let’s now take a look at your third bedroom already comes built-in with custom cabinetry it once again has a high ceiling and cove lighting provision when I say provision you already have a space there where you can have it installed in the future and on this side you have your bath space so I just wanted to take the opportunity to walk in so that you have another perspective of the size and on the other side you also even have some cabinetry and now it’s time to take a look at the fourth and fifth bedrooms which are facing the east side of the property and the fourth bedroom is the biggest next to the master bedroom.

20 by 30 Indian house plans east facing

So you see that it’s a corner room and you can easily fit a king or queen-sized bed over here and on the other side you already have a well-designed area where you can have a large television set and you have so much storage space this is excellent for two occupants you can have two single beds over here and still very comfortably fit them and on this site, you have a full bath space so you have a large window here with beautiful indirect lighting it’s time to take a look at your fifth bedroom which has its burgundy. So the fifth bedroom once again is a corner room and it has built-in cabin 3 again here and if you open this up you have the balcony space but before that let’s take a quick look here at the bathroom area. So the back of the house has a vacant lot but the whole area is already very near the commercial area of Kanpur so it’s very centrally located as well so once you come out here’s a great view of the whole private balcony space so you already have a balcony at the front of the house and on this site, this is a very relaxing and private nook you can imagine having a small table here in a couple of chairs just really relaxing in the evenings and if you look over here this is one of the best spots in the house because you have a great view of your pool area. If you want to build a pool but even right now just seeing that greenery from here is relaxing. And that ends our quick tour for the property features it has 5 bedrooms five bathrooms two balconies a spacious garden a four vehicle carport an open living and dining area a main and auxiliary kitchen a high living room ceiling a laundry and service area and the garden has a swimming pool provision space a spacious master walk-in closet a mainstream and a driver’s room and all this with fast access to the commercial areas in kanpur if you want to know more about this property or visit it in person just click the description below where you can get in touch with us to our email and number shown there you can also send us a message and follow us on facebook and instagram once again my name is satyendra from design house plans thank you for watching and we look forward to bring you clarity quality and convenience in finding a design house plan for you and your family contact us today in the email number shown here to schedule a property viewing you can also click the description below for the property details don’t forget to click that subscribe button so that you can get notified of our future post thanks for watching and we look forward to bringing you and your family a design house plan.

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