30 x 60 house floor plans

30 x 60 house floor plans

This is a modern 30 x 60 house floor plans, 3BHK ground floor plan with an open area on both front and back. This plan is made in an area of 30×60 square feet. The parking area is also very large in this plan and along with the parking area, the lawn is also made. The interior decoration of this plan can also be done and both exterior designs can be made. Along with the exterior design, the design of the front elevation can also be made.

30 x 60 house floor plans
30 x 60 house floor plans

This plan has been designed very well, keeping in mind every small and big thing, in the floor plan has been made. This is a 3BHK ground floor plan. Now let us talk about this plan in detail, how it is made and the sizes of the rooms. In this house plan, an open area is also kept on the front and back sides. At the beginning of the plan, the parking area comes first, whose size is 12×16, in this area you can park your vehicle like a car, bike, etc.

30×60 floor plans

There is a staircase in the parking area itself, with the help of which you can go up to the terrace. After the parking area comes the lawn area whose size is 12×5. Here you can plant trees of your choice and you can also build a nice Vrindavan. Now on entering the house comes the hall or living area whose size is 22×13. In this area, you can make a TV cabinet, in which you can put a big TV, keep a sofa set and keep whatever decorative item you want to keep.

Nowadays Interior decoration is an essential thing to do because it changes the whole look of your house. After this comes the first bedroom whose size is 12×10. In this room, you can install a TV, have a double bed, and can make wardrobes. In this room, there is also an attached which is made in 4×7. Now going ahead from here comes the kitchen whose size is 14×8. The kitchen is a modular kitchen with all modern fittings and facilities. And cabinets for storage in which you can store your essential things.

30×60 house floor plans

There is also a store room adjacent to the kitchen, whose size is 10×5. Through the kitchen, one can go to the back open area, whose size is 20×5. The back side of this area can be used as a wash area. After this comes the second bedroom whose size is 14×13. In this room, you can install a TV, keep a double bed, make a wardrobe and also have a sitting space. There is also an attached washroom in this room, whose size is 8×5.

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