28×28 house plans

28×28 house plans

The vision is to create an atmosphere for a family to keep on cherishing their company with nature is now called the modern citadel hello and welcome to design house plan, today we present a dynamic modern volumetric 28×28 house plans. the monolithic frame wrapping the dough hammered at the corner to break the vision from inside out in the chaos of life today a home needs to be a place of refugee the project has a value and tradition where the comfort and peace is the irony the volumetric mass is sectionally composed with bay windows wooden pergolas and exposed concrete texture.

The basement has a spacious car porch area that is also internally accessible through a staircase a small sitting lobby is also for outsiders and drivers. a spacious go down with a common toilet and kitchen provided with two servants room the stepped entrance to the upper ground floor making the villa more luxurious landscape front lawn enhancing the entrance.

28x28 house plans
28×28 house plans

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The office room has separate access and a powder room that overlooks the front yard interior is covered with the fusion of beige and walnut brown texture entering the residence you first meet to the lord sitting peacefully under the double-height area lift and staircase area connecting the flows vertically formal drawing room is a refreshing area with a maximum sitting and coffee counter color palette has a mountain red brick combined with the fusion of wooden brown and pine green this space has a wide opening towards the semi-covered space backyard combined with open kitchen and setbacks.

28 by 28 house plans

At the corner, the guest bedroom is placed overlooks the garden area with a portico color palette and material kept simple yet modern to calm the space. steps leading you towards the first floor. double-height areas place the surprising element in the design strategically designed live kitchen with linear attached living dining and balcony to it. the interior is chosen to be easy with highlighting the major corners and panels. moving towards the regular kitchen area it has a storeroom separate washing area utility and laundry area that placed at the corner to maintain privacy.

Bedrooms at the toe corner of the house are attached with a dress and toilet. the interior contrasts are chosen to be bright colors with charcoal black on the console bay window providing gives more life to the space gaining the maximum daylight. the master bedroom is a spacious area with bold design and less aesthetic articulation.

28 by 28 house plans
28 by 28 house plans

sand brown and mountain grey are the color that enhances the bay window. moving towards the second floor has a central lobby dividing the other sections with overlooking the height edge area. a beautiful chandelier intersecting the vertical two flows makes the area look more luxurious puja and meditation area is separately provided at the corner to have more peace and calming zone.

Interior aims to challenge the notion of wood as a primitive and perishable material it is a contemporary take on the vernacular architecture of India the intent was to do something off-beaten track something that would establish a refreshingly different narrative. the vernacular idiom was to create a living environment that is modern in outlook yet rooted in tradition the semi-covered open landscape terrace is a family rejoicing area to enjoy as per their comfort.

28×28 house plans north facing

Today we are going to present the second part of 750 square feet plot area in the part 1 we have encountered a residence with service spaces along with the parking at the basement ground flow is a 2bhk set for the rented purpose with beautiful green spaces around in this part we will see a luxurious 2bhk duplex unit with refreshing ambiance. the access to the duplex is from the outside stepped staircase and from the left. the adobe is an open home concept that welcomes a large formal living area that overlooks the front planted balcony.

The design was desired to follow the footsteps of transparent style allowing greenery to participate in the ongoing events of the house the central dining area merges with the large green yard and also holds a puja space and the staircase. an open kitchen is placed beside the dining area that further opens up to the utility balcony. ample airflow can be maintained through mechanically controlled openable lures.

Two bedrooms are planned on this floor with the attached dress and toilet the interior is adorned with minimal yet elegant designs furniture paints and wall arts aiding an increasing visual capacity of the space. the dwelling normally gets its natural context with its exemplary feature popping out to catch the eyes gentle attention. the upper floor has a luxurious living lounge that overlooks the courtyard below.

The floor caters to four bedrooms with an attached dress and toilet. the interior is done with bright and sober color tones with warm woodwork tends to add playfulness and curiosity with some highlighters. the spaces are in contrast and have a balanced composition bringing forth the feeling of bright on and peace. the front bedroom with attached dress and toilet opens up to the green front set out balcony merging the landscape to indoors as well.

The transparency remains to enact along the flanks of interiors which allow a part of the house to remain outdoor. the terrace has a covered set-out space and stepped-up deck and swimming pool at the back. the house is a display of intertwined indoor and outdoor spaces designed to fill in ample natural light and ventilation while ensuring a comfortable environment. the front terrace holds the green spaces and the small pantry area. comment your views about the project share and subscribe for more fresh content.

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