20X30 house plan

20X30 house plan

Now welcome to your beautiful home. Hi this is satyendra from design house plans and are you looking for a brand new corner housing lot for sale in house design so this house might be for you if you’re looking for quality homes in design house plan don’t forget to follow us on instagram facebook and subscribe to us on blog now welcome to this brand new modern household for sale located in homes hydrabad city so we’re going to turn you through this two level home with a lot area of 600 square feet and a floor area of approximately 20×30 house plan so if you take a look here you can see how wide the frontage is it has a unique shaped lot which gives it a very wide frontage here on the side this is almost equivalent to the frontage of two properties that gives you a really striking facade for the front of the house in terms of the direction this is facing west so you have the afternoon sun coming in here but that also is an advantage because that gives you greater shade for your lanai and patio area which i will show later now let’s head on in.

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Upon entering the house on your left side you have the entryway and access towards the garden area but let’s take a look first here towards the right side where you have a spacious cardboard area for three vehicles. So this house just finished construction that’s why we still have some materials over here but as you can see you have a high ceiling here and space for three vehicles two over here and one here what you see here is a mezzanine space which serves as the driver’s quarters or you can also maximize it for other purposes you also have a bathroom over here for the quarters. And now let’s head on in towards the entry.

20x30 house plan
20×30 house plan

So the house is elevated the ground level is elevated by about two to three feet from street level so there’s no flooding in this village at all it’s very well managed very peaceful but that adds a lot of additional impact in terms of being in an elevated space now welcome to your beautiful home. The builders really thought out the design of the property because you have a high ceiling here upon entering the house so you have the staircase immediately leading you to the second level it gives you plenty of light plenty of air while at the same time giving you an open view of your living and dining area you can actually divide this into three sections so you have an entry for your area here where you can have a receiving area you can have a console here and a large mirror or even a large painting to welcome you into your home and then on this other side you can have the formal living space so it’s a corner side of the property.

20X30 house plans

So you all you have all these windows giving you so much natural light and you even have a great view of your garden which we’re going to take a look at later you see that it’s also emphasized by the high ceiling with a beautiful cove lighting with really nice color temperature and you can imagine having an l-shaped sofa over here and in terms of the orientation you see that it flows very naturally towards your dining space your dining area is also very well integrated to your kitchen and lanai space it’s also emphasized with another section with cove lighting here at the ceiling and you see that it can easily fit a large table for six or even eight people and it’s also very well lit once again it’s also positioned at the other side in corner of the property so from here you can imagine if you’re over here you’ll have the perspective of dining and having a great view of this large sliding door leading out towards really nice space so let’s open this up welcome to your fantastic lanai and garden space if you’re looking for your own harmonious patch of greenery in the city this is an excellent spot you see that you can easily fit even a small pool here potentially in the future especially if you clear this out and you can even position here a nice bar area in the future and make it a nice barbecue area and on this side you see that the greenery extends through the corner of the house towards the main entry now from here another perspective is from the corner of the house you can once again appreciate the size of the lanai area they even made sure to have steel columns over here so that it would maximize the view and the light that comes in you also have a really nice wooden design for the ceiling giving it a very natural feel you also have very elegant tiling over here which complements the rest of the design of the house giving you a very subtle finish for the entire area now from here you see that you have access towards the service area at the side of the house which we’ll also take a look at later so you can just imagine having a table over here and relaxing in the mornings or afternoons or evenings or when you have get-togethers with your family now here’s a great perspective coming in from your lanai you have a fantastic view of your dining and main kitchen space it has a very open feel but at the same time it gives you a lot of area in terms of maneuvering when you’re cooking and moving around in terms of the ratio you also have a very good distance between the refrigerator the oven space and the sink which is actually should not not be greater than about one to two meters between each other because these are the three most used areas you also have different lighting over here that’s a nice touch because you have warmer lighting in the dining and main living areas but you have white light over here because you really need to be able to see clearly all the things that you’re doing especially when you’re cooking you also have a provision already here for a double door refrigerator and plenty of pantry space okay so you can open this up now from here you have an access door leading towards the side of the house so you have a wash area over here this can be a laundry space you already have a faucet over here and a sink and on the other side this is where you have the meat scarpers so the mince quarters also has its own bathroom and you have access once again here towards the parking area now let’s head back in so the house really maximized the corner positioning of the property because you can clearly walk around the entire front of the house with a really relaxing patch of greenery now from here let’s now take a look at the first bedroom.

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North facing house plans 20×30

The first bedroom also has a bathroom the house doesn’t have a formal powder room but what’s nice is the positioning of the first room’s bathroom can also serve as a powder room because you still have a hallway space over here so guests can essentially come in without having a view of most of the bedroom here now let’s take a quick look you see that it has a really nice and modern finish with a tempered glass shower enclosure and from here you have your first room so we just have some construction materials over here that are going to get cleared out but you see that you have this oversized window giving you a view of your parking space you can call this a multi-purpose room because you can maximize it as a home office a play room or even a bedroom or guest room a library or a music room it’s up to you now in terms of the aircon provision there’s a provision for a window type air conditioning unit but if you want you can easily have that covered up and install a split type inverter okay now that wraps up our first floor tour now it’s time to take a look at the second level where we have four rooms your master or primary bedroom and three more rooms let’s go so i just like to point out that the steps are made of hardwood and they’re also very low and easy to climb another nice touch is it even has a landing right here in the middle so it’s not tiring to go up and down and once you come up you have an open hallway space and the entire area opens up towards a great view of the front of the house with these large windows so you can even potentially have a light fixture over here to really brighten up and give more character to the space i’d also like to point out that this house has a really nice potential in terms of placing artwork because of all the white spaces this house would be a great spot also if you’re into collecting art okay and now from here let’s take a look at your master or primary bedroom welcome to the primary bedroom you can clearly see the space and size of the room from this angle and you can easily have your television set over here and your large king queen or even king-sized bed on this side what you have here is a lowered ceiling which gives you a provision for cove lighting and another great touch is it’s a corner room which gives you plenty of light so you have the west on this side but in terms of the afternoon sun you don’t need to worry because you have a tree positioned right here giving you plenty of shade you also have the sliding door leading out to a nice balcony.

20x30 house plans
20×30 house plans

We’re just showing you this angle so that you can really see the space of the balcony and what’s really nice about the positioning of the tree is it’s right in front of the house but in terms of its growth it doesn’t grow into the property but still gives you plenty of shade and also privacy for your balcony space and your master bedroom now let’s head on in now it’s time to take a look at your primary bathroom and walk-in closet so i’m gonna step in because it’s spacious enough to actually be a room you already have plenty of storage space really nice custom cabinetry the tone and color of the wood design really complements the tiling throughout the rest of the bathroom you also have a really nice alcove bathtub over here and a tempered glass shower enclosure so no part of here feels forced in any way they’re all very well integrated and you even have a really nice dual vanity sync space with really nice indirect lighting also with a very hotel like feel for your counter over here okay now let’s head on towards the next bedroom so what’s really nice is they were really able to maximize in terms of the design for the property you have your master bedroom really positioned at the second floor at the corner of the property but you you’re not exposed because of the tree outside and now from here it’s time to take a look at your third room. Your third room is an excellent option especially if you have a young child in the family that you want to be very close to the master bedroom so the space here is excellent for having a single bed you still have a high ceiling giving you more space and room and you already have a built-in space here where you can have a television set and even built-in cabinetry now from here you have a solo bathroom so small details like having a two-toned tile design for the wall really shows attention to detail and now let’s take a look at the next bedrooms here’s another perspective of your second floor hallway it gives you a greater appreciation of the size of the space they were able to give you five rooms but at the same time give you such an open area to give light and ventilation between the first and second levels now from here let’s take a look at the fourth and fifth rooms have a shared bathroom but in terms of the size this is slightly larger than the last room and you also have a provision for cove lighting and a provision for a window type air conditioning unit in terms of the floor design this has a really light and neutral tone which is really nice because you can easily match it with different colors of furniture you also have built-in cabinetry over here if you’ve ever really shopped around for cabinetry for your house or property i’m sure you know that it’s difficult to find really the perfect one in terms of your needs but they really made sure that you have a provision here for your coats and then another provision for other items of clothing now from here you have access towards a shared bath space what’s really nice about this room is you already have a dual vanity sink space so there’s really a provision for both occupants of the two rooms and as we step over here you see that you have the fifth bedroom in terms of the size it’s about the second or third largest room in the property of course you have the master bedroom and then the next bedrooms which have a large size would be the room downstairs and then this room what really makes this stand out is it’s a corner room but at the same time it also has the second balcony in the property so it also already has a provision for cove lighting and you have really nice custom cabinetry over here this is where you can have your tv and you can imagine this view from your bed and having your television over here and you have a lot of light coming in here i’d like to point out again the screen door from this angle you can see that it’s slightly larger than a typical juliet balcony so you can really use this space to just relax and have a breather and have plenty of ventilation you even have really nice down lights over here giving a nicer look for the facade in the evenings and giving you plenty of light as well and now from here we step in and that ends our quick tour. If you want to know more about this property or visit it in person just click the description below where you can get in touch with us through our email and number showed there you can also follow us and message us on Instagram and Facebook once again my name is Satyendra from design house plan thank you for watching and we look forward to bringing you clarity quality and convenience in finding a design house plan for you and your family. Contact us today in the email and number shown here to schedule a property viewing you can also click the description below for the property details don’t forget to click that subscribe button so that you can get notified of our future post thanks for watching and we look forward to bringing you and your family a design house plan.

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