duplex house plans for 25×40 site

duplex house plans for 25×40 site

This is a duplex house plan for site 25×40. It is a 2bhk duplex house plan, this plan has 2 bedrooms, a hall, a kitchen, and a common washroom.

duplex house plans for 25x40 site
duplex house plans for 25×40 site

This plan is made in a plot of 20×30 square feet area, which in total has an area of ​​600 square feet. It is a duplex and modern house plan with all types of modern facilities available. Both the interior decoration and exterior design of this plan have been made.

Creating a front elevation design enhances the beauty of the house more, so nowadays most people get the design of front elevation made. A porch or parking area is also made in this plan. Now let’s see this plan in detail, how and where, what is made, and what is the size of which area.

25×40 duplex house plans

Duplex house plans for 25×40 site Ground floor: parking area, hall, kitchen, staircase, and common washroom are made on the ground floor. The size of the porch or parking area built here is 7’8″ × 7’4″. Bikes can be parked here. On entering the house beyond the parking area comes the hall or living area which is 10’2″ × 17’2″. In the living area, you can put a tv, keep a sofa set and make a tv cabinet.

duplex house plans for 25x40 site
duplex house plans for 25×40 site

After the living area comes to the kitchen, whose size is 12’10×10’8″. You will get to see all kinds of modern facilities in the kitchen, with the help of these facilities, you can do your work easily. For storage cabinets have also been made in which the same can be stored. The living area itself has a staircase, with the help of which one can go up to the terrace. Below the stairs, there is a common washroom, whose size is 5×7.

duplex 25×40 site

First floor: there are 2 bedrooms on this floor and an attached washroom is also made in the bedroom. Now we see the first bedroom, whose size is 8×17, here you can keep a double bed, make a wardrobe and have a sitting space and there is also an attached washroom, whose size is 7×3. Through this room, you can also go to the balcony.

Then comes the second bedroom, whose size is 12×10, in this room also you can have a double bed, you can make a wardrobe and seating space has been given here too. After this comes to the attached washroom, whose size is 5×7.

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