50×100 barndominium floor plans with shop

50×100 barndominium floor plans with shop

The plan 50×100 barndominium floor plans with the shop we are going to tell you about today are made in an area of ​​5000 square feet.

This plan also has a parking area, it is a 3BHK ground floor plan. In this plan, you have a bedroom with an attached washroom, hall, kitchen, common washroom as well as a parking area, and along with all these things, you will also get to see the wash area being built in this plan.

50x100 barndominium floor plans with shop
50×100 barndominium floor plans with shop

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Now let us see the plan 50×100 barndominium floor plans with a shop in detail, the first thing that comes at the beginning of the plan is the parking area or porch whose size is 5×7, here you can park your vehicle and if you are fond of gardening then plant some small trees. Can be kept in pots. You can make a small Vrindavan in which you can plant a Tulsi plant.

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Barndominium floor plans with shop

After this, on entering the house, comes to the hall or living area, which is 10×13, you have decorated this area very well, in this, you can make a nice cabinet for TV, keep a sofa set and You can also keep a center table with it and do whatever you want.

There is a common washroom on the same side of the hall, whose size is 5×5, here there is a late bath attached and it can be used by all the people of the house.

After this, on proceeding from here, comes the staircase area, with the help of which you can go to the terrace above. Then comes the kitchen whose size is 9×7 and it is a modular kitchen, in which you will get to see all kinds of modern technology and facilities, where you can also keep the temple of God.

The wash area is also made adjacent to the kitchen, whose size is 3×6, here you can do the rest of your work. After this comes the bedroom, whose size is 11×11.

In this room you can keep a double bed, you can install a TV, you can install AC and you can also make a wardrobe on the wall. This plan is small but very well designed.

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