40 25 house plan

40 25 house plan

Now welcome their beautiful 40 25 house plan. this beautifully designed house let’s now take a quick look at this properties features beginning with the property size it has been generous floor area of 1000 sqft house plan and a knot area of 1000 sqft house plans for the specific home features it has two bedrooms two bathrooms a two-car garage hice minutes throughout the entire property an open living space a dining area two balconies a master walk-in closet and the night patio area a service and laundry area a matron and in driver’s room and all this in a well-planned community with convenient and fast access to commonwealth avenue now let’s begin the – you can clearly see that the houses have very clean and modern design let’s go upon entering the house you have eight spacious two-car garage on your left side there parking area has a high ceiling and it can easily fit two suvs you have access here leading to the side of the house towards your mates and drivers quarters and a utility area and now let’s head on in to the main entrance you see that we have steps leading up to the front of the house that means that the ground level is actually elevated about three to four feet from street level there’s no problem in flooding in this area because the terrain of the general surroundings is elevated smoke now welcome dear beautiful. The first impression that together is that it’s open bright welcoming manual as you can see that you have an open-plan design with the living area over here stretching to the dining area in a patio space and you have a very high ceiling which is about ten feet high you can see and you have these sliding doors leading to your den space which you can also use as a first bedroom let’s take a quick look.

40 25 house plan
40 25 house plan

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This room also has scope lightning but even with cove lighting the ceiling is still so high and this is excellent as a whole office as an intense space as in playroom or music room and you also have a large window letting in a lot of natural light you also have a provision for split light air-conditioning unit and you have a bathroom also the bathroom of the first bedroom also serves as the powder room of the rest of the house because it has an access door here from the living area and from here let’s take a quick look at your open dining space your dining area once again has beautiful cove lighting accentuating this space as a central hub of the house you also have these two sliding doors on two sides of the room giving you two separate alfresco dining areas so you can open this up and have a table and chair over here and you have access towards the side of the house from here towards the front and here on the other side you have the much larger patio space. So you can have an additional dining table over here which is great for parties and get-togethers and it’s very cool because you have these bamboo plants all around and you already have a ceiling fan as well and from here let’s head on back in and take a look at their main kitchen. You’re my tips in a spacious open well-planned also once again has the high ceiling which is shared with the rest of the ground floor and you have a nice pantry space and area over here you even have an additional room inside for storage and you have a space here for your refrigerator and be nice mini an entertainment bar over here you can have a couple of stools over here to entertain guests when you have your large dining table on this site and from here you already have a co-op space and you have access here leading to the main room.

40 * 25 house plan east facing

If you open this up you have access leading to a driver’s room and auxiliary kitchen space. Here’s another vantage point coming from your kitchen you can see your spacious dining and living space leaving your large main door and then we now take a look at the four bedrooms waiting for us upstairs let’s go welcome to the second level of this house where we have four bedrooms each of these bedrooms has its bathroom so there are no shared bathrooms and I’d like you to notice how high the ceiling once again is the whole feel of the area is very elegant and clean with the tempered glass railings here leading to the staircase and the nice length of the wood color and the white box and now let’s take at the path your master date. This property really stands out because of the high ceilings which is very evident here you can see this cold lighting also and you can easily fit a large thinner in size bed over here it’s very well lit because it’s facing the east side of the property so morning sunshine is coming in from here and you have a balcony space through this lighting lord giving you a nice view of the hills and from here you have a provision for a window type air conditioning unit which you can also replace with a split light package air conditioning unit if you’d like and you have more than enough space to have your large wide screen tv over here and any additional storage or even a study space here and now let’s take a look at your master bathroom your master bathroom already has in walk-in closet space over here so you have these two signs for additional storage and you have an elegantly designed battery you have a dual vanity sink you even have gold lighting here in the bathroom over its finish our enclosure let’s now take a look at the next east side facing bedroom your third bedroom is important also facing the east side of the property it also has a high ceiling coke lighting and it enjoys a great view of the mountains as well from this side of the property very similar to your master bedroom and it also has its own private balcony space so this is just a great area because in the afternoons it’s quite cool we’re shooting this right after lunch so you can see that there’s no sun exposure and ready because the sun is already on the other side and it also goes with its board back.

40 by 25 house plan

The bathroom is spacious and also comes with a well-designed shower illusion and now let’s head on up and take a look at the fourth and fifth epochs so just for a quick note you have a nice area here where you can have a large chandelier as another centerpiece as you head up to your second level so here’s the 40 * 25 house plan east facing So this room is quite spacious if you move back a bit you can see that it’s larger than the last bedroom so this is also an excellent space because it’s facing the west side of the property but because of the positioning of the windows it doesn’t get it to bring up in the afternoons and it also comes with living cabinet and. Even in all these tools even if you meet this room even slightly smaller the ceiling height makes up read so much they could have made this property a three-story house with lower ceilings but instead they immediately two-level home with very high ceilings so here let’s now take a look at your three-bedroom. The three-bedroom is also very spacious. It’s very bright and open also with a polite thing and it has a nice rectangular sheet so there’s a lot of configurations that you can do here you can have your bed here or here or on this site and you really have a provision here for a window-type air-conditioning unit and you already have built-in closet space you see it already has compartments as well and its bathroom we hope you enjoyed this quick 40 * 25 house plan east facing property third post of 40 25 house plan new two-bedroom houses just click the description below where you can get in touch with us to our email in numbers on there you can also contact us through Instagram Facebook.

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