20 feet by 60 feet house plans

20 feet by 60 feet house plans

Everyone must have a home, in today’s time everyone wants to have their own house, which has all the facilities, as well as the house should be beautiful. It is important to have a house, but it is more important than that to have money because without them nothing can happen, and now day by day inflation is increasing. The house we are going to tell you today is a house plan built in an area of 20×60 square feet.

This is a house plan of a double story building, in this 20 feet by 60 feet house plans, there are 2 bedrooms on the ground floor, a common washroom, and a staircase to go up. On entering the house, the first comes the living room, whose size is 15×13 and in this room, you can keep a showcase, there is also a cabinet in the wall for the TV, where the TV can be easily installed.

There is a staircase to go up from this room and a bedroom is also made on the ground floor, whose size is 15×15, this room also has an attached bathroom, whose size is 4×5. The interior of all the rooms of the house has been done very well, the color has also been done very well in all the rooms of the house.

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20 feet by 60 feet house plans
20 feet by 60 feet house plans


20 60 house plan with Vastu

This, there are 2 bedrooms on the first floor and the kitchen is made. There is also an attached bathroom in the bedroom and a common washroom also remains. First of all, let’s talk about the kitchen whose size is 10×7, the kitchen is made with modular fittings, but it also has a sink.

After the kitchen comes to the common washroom, whose size is 6×6, it is a combined late bath, in front of it, a washbasin can also be installed. After this comes the master bedroom, whose size is 20×15, this room also has an attached bathroom, whose size is 4×5, there is also a wardrobe, there is also a place for dressing.

After this comes to the second bedroom, whose size is 15×15, this room also has a wardrobe, where you can keep a double bed, this room does not have an attached bathroom. After this comes the balcony, where you can sit and take fresh air, you can plant trees in a pot. Hope you will like this house very much and you will get to see very similar house plans like 20 feet by 60 feet house plans on our website.

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20 x 60 house plans

Now welcome to your beautiful20 feet by 60 feet house plans. New 3  bedroom modern house, this house plan rests on a 120 square meter lot with a floor area of approximately 120 square meters it also has a really warm color combination with earth tones and a stone design for the facade now let’s go upon entering the house you have a landscape guardian to your right with a path leading to the side of the. House and on your left side you have a spacious and well ventilated two-vehicle carport area. From here you’ll see that the ground level is elevated from the street level by a couple of feet the whole area doesn’t really experience flooding but it’s a great feature to have for brand new houses now welcome to your beautiful home your living and dining space is an open area which is divided by your staircase leading to the second floor but you can see that it has a high ceiling and these large windows letting in so much natural light on an added note the windows are slightly tinted which makes the whole space also cooler inside if you want greater ventilation you can open up these side windows here and it leads you out towards an additional patio space so this is a great alfresco extension of your living area and you even have a nice patch of greenery here this is excellent especially if you have pets or even a large dog and this has access leading to the front of the house coming back in let me quickly show you that upon entering the house you even have an additional cabinet here for your shoes you’ll notice that throughout the entire house the lights are turned off they aren’t actually off it’s because the bulbs haven’t been installed throughout the entire house the main reason for this is number one easier maintenance and number two you’ll have the lights installed once you purchase the house it also gives you a choice to have the kind of light bulbs that you’d like because some buyers would prefer a more wide toned light some prefer a more yellowish and warmer color temperature so from here you now have your open dining space. Your dining area is quite spacious you can easily have a large table for six-eight maybe even ten people here with plenty of space left over for storage here and it’s welded because you have these two sliding doors one leading to a patio and one leading to the side of the house as we step out here you’ll see that walking from the side of the house you have access towards the spacious denim patio area so it’s partially covered and it’s a great place to hang out with the family and a great extension of your dining space so I can open this up and we can head on in from here let’s now take a quick look at your main kitchen.

The main kitchen is quite spacious you have a provision here for your refrigerator and you can even have an island countertop here if you’d like in addition you once again have the small details like having this nice towel holder over here and you have a window letting in natural light from the other side and on this site you have additional storage and here you already have the mains room if we step in here you see you have a large window and you even have additional storage here and a solo bathroom. And now let’s take a look at the auxiliary kitchen space so coming out here you see that you have a well-maximized space at the side of the house you even have a nice touch here you already have some pay on the area and you already have a storage tank here for water and dirty kitchen space on the side which leads towards the parking area and you even have a sliding door here leading to the first bedroom which you will explore now so from the main kitchen we know we now head back out here to the dining space and let’s take a look at the first. Bedroom the first bedroom is a multi-purpose room you can maximize this as a guest room a home office or even an additional entertainment space but it already has built-in display cabinetry and you even have an area here which you can use as a home office workstation the nice thing about this room is it even has this large sliding door which we saw earlier when we were out there in the service area so you can open this up and it’s so breezy here and you have immediate access towards your parking space and from here you have a well-designed bathroom having the staircase positioned here in the middle of the living space and dining space gives you the opportunity to have a large window at the side of the house giving you additional light into the whole living and dining space you can really see that all of the lights in the dining and living space right now are off because there are no bulbs but you can see that it’s very bright so that’s a testament to how the windows are really positioned to maximize the light.

Looking here at the second level you see that you have this large window for the staircase letting in so much natural light here at the second and ground levels in addition we’re shooting this video later on in the afternoon and we’ve noticed that the house is very cool in terms of the temperature because of the design of where the sunlight streams in in the afternoon so here let’s take a look at the master. Bedroom the master bedroom is facing the front of the house it has these louvers which give you more shade in the afternoon and it also adds to the facade of the house, in addition, you have a high ceiling here and you also have once again the protected film so that the area doesn’t get damaged even though there are drippings I’d also like to note that you have a nice wooden design for the flooring which is a laminate flooring you also have a dresser space on this side already with a mirror and here you have your master walk-in closet space and bathroom you have a shower enclosure and on this site, you have a nice bathtub area and you even already have an additional tempered glass enclosure here between the bathtub and your toilet and you have a nice dual vanity sync space here and you have a large row of cabinetry on the other side.

20 x 60 duplex house plans north facing

From the master bedroom you have a door here which leads to a linen closet and even additional items here like a vacuum cleaner and on this side you now have your third bedroom your third bedroom is also spacious it has a regular square shape it has a high ceiling once again it is also located at the west side of the property but you see in terms of how the windows were designed the sunlight doesn’t stream directly in and he did in addition you also have once again a dresser space which is one of the signature parts of the bedrooms in this house and you have a built-in cabinet space so it’s not just the place where you can hang the uploads you also have additional space here for bags and other items nice on this side you have a solo bathroom so all of the bedrooms have their own bathroom in this house so it doesn’t feel cramped at all it’s a very good layout in terms of the shower the toilet area and then you have your mirror and sink area now let’s take a look at the fourth room so the fourth room is in the middle part of the house this is actually facing more of the east side of the property so the morning light comes in here so this has very nice natural light in the morning high ceiling once again like we mentioned before since it’s late afternoon you see that this is completely lit by sunlight at this point since we don’t have the bulbs installed yet since you have also the choice to put in the kind of bulbs that you like for this house and you have a solo bathroom again.

So you’ll notice that the bathrooms have different designs in terms of the tiles so that every room has its own character once again you have the dresser space so it has its own light here and you have the ability again and here we have your fifth team the fifth room is facing once again the east side of the property it’s actually bordering one side is facing the west this side is facing the east and it’s a corner room and it’s quite spacious once again high ceiling you even have additional storage here but you have to be a little tall to reach this part and here you once again have the dresser space with additional storage here and in addition you have isolo bathroom so you’ll notice it once again has a different type of tile covering one side of the room so that creates a different contrast and really sets apart every area in terms of the bedrooms for the property features it has five bedrooms five bathrooms a two vehicle carport an open living area a dining area a patio space a landscape garden a main kitchen a service and laundry area a master walk-in closet and a master bathroom with a bathtub. and we look forward to bringing you clarity quality and convenience in finding a 2D house plan for you and your family.

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