20×40 house plans with 2 bedrooms

20×40 house plans with 2 bedrooms

This is a house plan with a double-story capacity. There are 2 rooms on the ground floor of this 20×40 house plans with 2 bedrooms and there is a cedar to go up, followed by 3 bedrooms, kitchen, dining area, and common late bath, balcony everything is made on the first floor. This is a house plan made in an area of 21×45.

Let’s talk, first of all, the main gate of the house on the ground floor is in the north direction. On entering, comes the living room, whose size is 15×14, there is also a side to go up from this room, where a toilet is built. Whose size is 7×5? After this, a bedroom is also made on the ground floor, whose size is 20×11, in this room, there is a gate through which one can go backward.

This is done after going to the ground floor, going up the stairs to the first floor, there is a bedroom on the right-hand side whose size is 12’5×12’6, from this room one can go to the balcony in front. There is also an attached toilet in this room, whose size is 6×6. On coming out of this room comes the kitchen whose size is 7×5. The worship room is built in the area itself, whose size is 6×6.

20x40 house plans with 2 bedrooms
20×40 house plans with 2 bedrooms

20×40 house plan

The interior of all the rooms has been done very well. All the rooms have been provided with a unit for TV installation so that you can install TV wherever you want. After this comes the bedroom whose size is 14×10 attached washroom is not provided in this room, after this comes the next bedroom whose size is 11×10, from this room one can go to the back balcony. All the rooms are provided with windows through which the air keeps coming in.

In this 20×40 house plan with 2 bedrooms, everything has been very well taken care of the interior, furniture, exterior as well as the wall color has also been done very well, hope you will like the design of the house and the house.

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20 * 40 house plan north facing

Now welcome their beautiful 20 * 40 house plan east facing. This is dirty stuff romantic ideality and before we begin for quality home tours don’t forget to follow us on instagram facebook and subscribe to us here on blog now welcome to our latest open house tour for a brand new three-bedroom premium townhome development for sale located here near the science avenue in pune city so right now we’re gonna tell you through this beautiful home but before we do that let’s take a quick look at this profit these features beginning with the site plan and property sizes it’s a well-planned 2unit development with lot areas ranging from 86 to 124 square meters and floor areas ranging from 75 the 80 square meters for the specific unit features each unit has three bedrooms three bathrooms a two-car garage a powder room an open-concept living area a dining and kitchen space a maid’s room and a service area for the specific special features of the community there’s a community swimming pool 24-hour security led lights for the specific units and solar panels for each unit and all this in a well-designed community near esaias avenue and mindanao avenue now let’s begin to. So we’re gonna throw you through a coroner model unit and as you can see here you have a two-car garage and we have a unique device over here which actually allows you to have two cars parked on a single space but this is of course reserved only for a sedan type vehicle now let’s head on in as you can see we’re taking proper precautions in terms of health that’s why we have a thermal scanner here for all visitors now welcome to your beautiful home. Upon entering the home you have a foyer space and you’re immediately led to your first bedroom and get back through let’s take a look.

20x40 house plan
20×40 house plan

So this is an excellent space if you have family members who would like to stay on the ground level and you have a window here which gives you a view of your parking space and you have a bathroom once you come out which you can also use as a guest bathroom. From here you have access to me true leading to the side of the house where you have a service area now let’s head on up welcome to the second floor of your home where we have an open living space this property has beautiful interior lighting with led lighting throughout the entire property you also have this nice accent in terms of the ceiling design it’s also a great open living space which flows very well into your dining area and you already have built-in cabinetry across all of the units and from here you have space for a large table that can seat six people. And it flows very naturally to eat generously spaced kitchen. So if you take a look we already have built-in custom cabinetry this is where you can have your refrigerator and on this side we can actually fit your oven and cooktop on this side which can easily be cut and customized so you have a lot of space to move it doesn’t feel cramped at all and from here you also have a powder room for guests you also notice that upon entering the second level you have a nice spacious foyer area here with an accent wall where you can have an artwork that can welcome your guests and additional storage space here in the display area now let’s head on up to the third level where you have the masters bedroom and your third bedroom let’s go this model unit shows different types of furniture to give you an idea on how you can maximize the space but this is a fantastic idea of having a nice nice light fixtures for this space in your third level you can also have an area here where you can have additional storage or even two tables in a nice nook and from here let’s now take a look at your they’re baby.

20 * 40 single floor house plan

The master bedroom is spacious with a nice drop ceiling with cove lighting it’s also quite high in terms of height you have more than enough space for a study area like this and a large window making it very well lip you see that you have enough space for storage a large television set and even a bench here at the foot of your bed and here we have your master bathroom you have whopping closet space and a spacious back area so for another perspective you have the closet area here and on this site you have the electrical breakers as well as access to control for your solar panels so all the units here have solar panels as well which is which can help you with your electricity bill let’s head on out now let’s take a look at your third bedroom. In terms of size you have the master bedroom as the largest room you have the room on the ground floor as the smallest room and this is the mid-sized room but it’s spacious enough to have a queen-sized bed and you also have a large window for ventilation and as well as for natural light you also have the thin cabinetry on this side for closet space and your own bathroom. We hope to enjoy that quick property girl video for this brand-new three-bedroom premium sound home development for sale located near Pune avenue Pune city if you want to know more about this property check out the next portion for important reminders for home buyers if you want to know more about this 20×40 house plans with 2 bedrooms property and schedule a property viewing just contact us through our email and number in the description below.

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