17 60 house plan east facing

17 60 house plan east facing

17 60 house plan east facing
17 60 house plan east facing

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The 17 60 house plan east facing we are going to tell you today is a modern ground floor plan of 2BHK built in an area of ​​17×60 square feet. In this plan, you will get to see all kinds of facilities which are necessary for today’s time, which makes your daily work easier.

Both the interior and exterior designs of this plan have been made, which you will like very much because by getting the exterior design done, the house starts looking even better. Exterior design is also called front elevation design, which people get made by paying separately and is available to you on our website free of cost. Now let us see this plan in detail, how it is made.

17 by 60 house plan design

At the beginning of this plan, the parking area, whose size is 8×15, comes first, here you can park your car, bike and in this area, there is a staircase, with the help of which you can go to the terrace above. After this comes the seat out area whose size is 8×5, after that ongoing inside, comes the living room or hall whose size is 15×12, in this area, you can keep a big sofa set, make a TV cabinet.

In which you can put your big TV. After this comes the first bedroom, whose size is 9×14, this room does not have an attached washroom, in this room, you can install a TV, keep a double bed and also make a wardrobe with it. This room is built near the hall.

17 60 house plan

After this, going forward through the hall comes the kitchen whose size is 8×11, it is a modular kitchen, in which you will get to see all kinds of modern facilities. Along with this, you can also keep a dining table on which the family can sit and eat. This comes to the second bedroom, whose size is 10×13, in this room also you can keep a double bed, you can install a TV and you can also make a wardrobe after this comes the common washroom whose size is 4×8. There is no attached washroom in the rooms of this plan.

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